Bodjing Defence.

In the run up to the next general election this is Bodj‘s first “ fireside chat “ broadcast.    It is called that because it is ment to be informal, but actually there is no fireplace, nor will there be any chat, because doesn’t like questions.   He just wants to get on with it.     What ever “ it” is.

Tonight Bodj will outline his thoughts on defence.

“We have spent a lot of money on defence over the years.   A trillion here and a trillion there and what have we got to show for it?     Two state of the art aircraft carriers with no aircraft.    An army of Second World War tanks that are not much good against lone suicide bombers.    Trident missiles that we never ever want to fire.      A be-meddled group of Generals sitting in desks wondering why their equipment orders never arrive on time or within budget.     Thank God for the SAS !

Colonel Tom says he has fought enough wars and wants a peaceful tomorrow.   Coco says she certainly doesn’t want to get into any dog fights.     The LLLP has already recommended getting rid of the Whitehall armchair Generals, but keeping the Household Cavalry for parades and the Red Arrows for flypasts on Bodj’s birthday.   We will also keep the rust bucket navy for deporting criminals and their no win no fee lawyers.   Secretly we will keep the Trident missiles but we won’t tell anyone where they are so they can remain a deterrent hidden in Scarpa Flow, Oops!

Markus Rashford will be our Defence Minister because he played a lot of games on his computer during the lockdown.    He may be playing out of position in defence, but he will be good with a load of drones to deploy against any opposition.

So that’s our defence policy sorted !”

Vote for Bodj in the upcoming election.

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3 Responses to Bodjing Defence.

  1. Power in every form?
    Well I never the ship of England is now stranded? WE have had power cuts in the London, and certain midlands area. To find details of why? And how? It can be cured or what is at fault, is difficult to obtain. The press media, are offering information, provided one signs up for a free trail and the ‘’so much per weekly period’’, –All done on the web, and being elderly I suspect with a ‘’catch in any cancellation agreements’’, being my cynical self??
    What are we reaping as a society,[ after WWII the national Grid system was set up to guarantee electric power to industry, hospitals, Homes, transport in all aspects of daily life in the UK.] today the lack of political backbone and independent thinking of a government/parliament to think of the nation first, and the wishes of the likes of GREEN POWER, NON Nuclear Power, NO Fossil fuels, to power our power stations?? What is required is a basic 24 hour guaranteed power supply, otherwise with all this wind and water {Piss and wind] we are looking at each major user/consumer of power to ensure that they have an independent power supply 24 hours supply/back up. And all that entails {candles to fire a boiler and a steam power-plant producing electricity, or monstrous internal combustion engines, or ‘GOD to guarantee a wind force of sufficient duration to power local industry? Where the ‘hell are we going’’? Please? AT present we have a stable world, but how can the UK & NI remain stable and independent? You tell Me??? Think who and what you vote for? Please not a load of fairies, granting impossible wishes???
    We the UK & NI are metaphorically and in fact an island nation within EUROPE, whether we are ‘’IN Or OUT of the EU’’, and all this hot air of ‘BREXIT’ which can blow out a candle, but not ‘’LIGHT’ up or warm the soul???? or the home?
    WE are a nation in a ship, without a ‘’Captain, and officers or rank’’ to guide us as crew.!!!!

  2. Is the fireside chat alongside a large computer screen, with the image of a fossil fuelled/gas fire, just to make us oldies feel at home in the front room/lounge? What will be his words of wisdom? comforting, reassuring, about the economy, and the jobs market, for all age groups of the working classes, or will those 50+ be on the scrapheap, as being too expensive to employ-Then what about their very personal pension funds, and their asset debts should they still be paying off a mortgage. They are the older generation of tomorrow how will they possibly survive in their later life, living to a possible average age of 85+, and support or pay for their personal care, a problem as one slow ages beyond 75+.
    The younger generation, what gainful tasks in the workplace, will be available to them from the age of 16, school finial year, and there again what if the younger persons are all encouraged to enter the education/academia route, and become available at the age of 23 say to enter the workplace?
    They may offer educational skills : how ever how about lifestyle skills and relationships???
    I JUST WISH BODJ to offer hope to each and everyone of us, especially the younger and future generations, so that in later life they may come to appreciate the personal choices one has to make throughout their life. ONE CANNOT DEPEND UPON A WHOLE LIFE LIVING OFF THE STATE!!!! We have to fight to be independent, and yet supportive and considerate.

  3. Bbctv4 -black classical music.
    Black Classical Music-The forgotten history?–BBC TV4 Broadcast 21.00 Sunday 27 September 2020
    Lennie Henry presented this programme, and I am still uncertain, what music he personally appreciates?
    I have followed the programme with interest: However I question the method, and tenure of presentation. One was asked to follow allegedly black composers and musicians, the prejudice was not all ways that they were black, but they were born out of wedlock, a common complaint even when I was youngster born in the 1940’s. Another personal observation, is that the music was the classics, and quite truly dominated by the european nations upper classes/elite, and the BAME/Black players/ composers were attempting to play and please the white classical music aficionados, when it was the upper classes of European Culture, and not the BAME/Black natural music of their roots?? They were playing the blackman/woman, even in USA America, when they had their natural afro-american roots {african or as an american slave} music. To Boot no mention is made of the central american and south american music of the sub-survient/ native impoverished persons.
    I believed from my elders growing up, that all music was to enjoy, that is all music, without reference to its class or culture? Hence music is a person choice!
    An interesting programme but a little on the ‘’Blackside’’’ nothing to smile or appreciate.

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