Bodjing Health.

Following the last post, this is a continuation of Prime Minister Bodj’s presentation of his all new, radical reforms to Defence, Health and Education.   This will form the basis of his Election manifesto for the upcoming General Election.

Tonight the broadcast to the Nation will cover the subject on everybody’s minds —- Health.      Bodj will outline the lessons he has learned from the Coronapop pandemic beyond hands, face and space 🤡

“First of all I want to thank everybody in  our NHS for their hard work during the Coronapop pandemic.  Trillions have been spent and judging by the calls for even more money there could be trillions more to go.   The NHS is an insatiable beast !

Who knew they would need quite so much PPE and then all those ventilators?   When we got them at great expense, they didn’t use them all !    Just look at all those pop-up Nightingale hospitals —— never used ! 
However, I did learn some valuable lessons from Matt Handcockup’s  mistakes.   He solved the bed blocking crisis by turfing out all the old people and locking the doors to A&E, so we should continue with that in future.
Similarly all the GP’s shut up shop and referred everybody to 111 who referred everybody Back to A&E.    It saved a fortune especially since the 111 service is pay as you go.
So after Coronapop is over I have decided to take the bold step of closing the NHS and out-sourcing Health Services to Amazon Robotics.   This will keep all patients socially distanced in the Amazon Nightingale hospitals where Matt Handswashed, the newly appointed Surgeon General,  will co-ordinate all operations on Zoom.  Aftercare will be provided by Amazon Pharmacy who will deliver all your pills and dressings by drone; together with a look-after-your-self Amazon post-op package and a get well card from Bodj. 
We expect to save trillions by having no staff.      This will be a much more personal service. “
Colonel Tom says “The field hospitals we had in the war were in tents and they seemed OK in the jungle.    Maybe we could call some Vera Lynn hospitals.”

Markus Rashford said “Footballers injuries should be a priority, because they are keeping the Nation entertained with balls.”

 The Last Laugh Looney Party says “Don’t  forget to get some shares in Amazon they are taking over the World”

Coco barked  “ Vets services should also be free on the NHS.   Equality for dogs.  Can I play ball with Markus?    Woof!  Woof !”


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4 Responses to Bodjing Health.

  1. Before the LLLP Ragamuffin Society disappear into a diatribe of words, We wish to apologise and wish that older member of the LLLP society[ Doggy years?} a very happy birthday, and trust he bones out the day with his teeth into a good treat??? maybe a ‘bag of balls”???

  2. Astick
    Joy what a friendly, web based telephone based NHS that is being proposed, is it another tall story, or that favourite fireside/bedtime childrens’ Fairy Tale?? Or is it our masters in a daisy chain, shafting each other, as one does, when looking for a reason of beating down the opposition with a ‘big stick!’
    I am unsure whether to buy shares in ‘AMAZON’ or the other web based EBAY Emporium, or there again in ASDA, TESCO, SAINSBURY’S, ICELAND, Or the Bradford based MORRISON’s, but that is all tat!!! I going to apply to WAITROSE for a JOB and hopefully become a Partner, in others misfortune? Of is that just a grumble too far. Where OH where is BORIS taking us too, and his chief henchmen Mr HandCOCK-pulling his pudden or his master of accountancy ‘Riski Sunak’ who plays poker, and never reveals his hand, except when he puts his hand in his pockets for more cash? And then the goal keeper Markus, with his yellow jersey, and the ball in his hands, or his foot in his mouth?
    We all hide behind a yashmak, and smile with those devil eyes, who the hell is speaking and acting the truth, just us ‘HURBETS’ the poor voter of the UK.
    By the way what is the question we are all asking of our ‘GOD’- is it a happy ending to CORVID-19, while we choke on our cocopops? Well done the almighty KELLOGS Empire for giving us many and varied serial to choice from?
    Just another story/tale from the LLLP? We are in the ascendancy, on the way to heaven, and the ‘GOD’ of our choice!!! Please Pray for a good end to this tail???

  3. Just another day! Where oh where s the sunshine? That gentleman of renown MR- President-TRUMP is laid up in a secure environment, with at lease 3 attendants in ‘white coats’ on call to all his needs? OR is Mr TRUMP esquire a valid member of the ‘Last Laugh LOONIE Party” all safely put away until the end of CORVID-19, which may be actually be the election day for voting for the US Presidential Elections, or is it Christmas Day?? when Mr Trump may appear as SANTA CLAUS! the granter of all wishes??
    What a thought? what a day? what a future? and not forgetting in the UK’ happiness on the day of ”BREXIT” 31 OCTOBER, and maybe our American cousins can celebrate ‘THANKSGIVING DAY’ with a smile as they decide who or whom their new leader/PRESIDENT SHOULD BE??
    IT IS ALL IN THE tarot CARDS, AS THEY/we play the indoor party games in the LOONIE BIN??
    ps it is raining cats and dogs, not much to look forward too!!!!

  4. woof! woof! COCO, have a bite of your bone, or is it a chew?

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