Bodjing Education

My two previous posts began to map out the Bodj manifesto for the next General Election.    In my next broadcast to the Nation I will tell you my thoughts on education.

“ I learned a lot from the lock down period earlier this year, when schools were working with far less teachers and our Universities stopped doing anything.   Results improved in spite of my hapless Education Secretary – Gavnotmyfault.   Most teachers stayed at home doing nothing and I think we should let them carry on doing that, although of course we won’t be paying them.     The teaching unions argued that schools shouldn’t go back to normal, so now they have what they wanted🤡

In future the new socially-distanced schools will operate at one third capacity and for the rest of the time pupils will work from home.    The results will no doubt continue to improve if teachers estimate them.   That should save us quite a few £billions in not having to pay for all those surplus teachers.

Our world class universities miraculously managed to send all the students home and still give them degrees.    So from now on remote learning will become the new norm in an expanded Open University, that will replace all other universities.   Students will no longer have to do all that drinking and partying and demonstrating.   Another fortune saved 🤡

Colonel Tom says he went to the university of hard knocks and he did OK.   Markus Rashford said he did alright playing football.    The Last Laugh Looney Party commended  Bodj on his masterstroke of educational reform, which should make all young people really good at reeding, rioting and rithmatic and they will all have first class degrees.       Coco just wagged her tail at the thought of more children to play within the park.

Bodj said I think the children will particularly enjoy not having exams and going to skool a lot less.   So in another great  Bodj innovation, I have decided to lower the voting age to FIVE.“

Bodj wants to tell children if they can’t read the voting paper just put a cross against his picture 🤡

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7 Responses to Bodjing Education

  1. Skool
    Alleluia, which ‘god’ am I thanking, having had to consider education as a youngster in a one of the many schools in the various faiths available, be it Christian- Roman Catholic, Church of England, Quaker, Weslyian/Methodist- or indeed non christian such as Muslim or a Confucius, or Buddhism belief, or the totem pole of the Native north american, or the images of tribal africa. And then the general hotch potch of society the local council school? Who or Whom do I pray too?? A white man with a mop of hair, no parting, but theatrical hands when he tells a story or two, in his suit and tie??? – The British Establishment, and all that that means?? -And Yet again my parents sent me to Sunday school to learn the true values of life! So I ask again which is my God? Does he have coloured symbols to outline his beliefs for a perfect world, such as! {Red when angry-Green when happy- yellow when perplexed- blue when cold and a longway off his/her/their target- Or pink when kissing all those babies?} Are we in fact a ‘Rainbow multicultural society where BAME is the norm, not the exception???’
    In fact are we all the same, or am I dreaming? It is a shame that ‘bubbles’’ is the final solution to our educational problems, whether in small, yearly/age, or establishment total bubble rules our academic years in this CORVID-19 epidemic. The art or the science of education is too exchange views, discuss, and mix with our like minded colleagues, and a few old ‘Duffers’ who may guide ones spirit and soul through the current crisis of CORVID-19? We need to all grow up, be sensible, responsible and respect each others view point, without the requirement to spend each day continually, making, passing and enacting new rules that curtail societies need to learn, we may be ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ as the old adage goes???
    WE all, old young and middle age need to learn from the university of life, and earn a living, and feed on and other at the same time, no nation , nor man/woman or child is an island, we are all interdependent upon each other? Death to all baddies is not the answer, we have to understand and reason in our individual thoughts and actions, even as a society or indeed as a nation. A larger bubble than 6 in total!

  2. Sir, Miss, what have I done wrong, as I drift back to my school days, in the RAGGED LADS co educational primary school
    My first class Miss Verity aged 7, enjoyable, establishing my friends, I was known as freezer, sneezer the old gas geyser, i was not a local lad, and spoke with a posh London Accent, hence the nickname. Then onward not to 2A but 2B, the next year, a Miss Eldridge who took a shine to me. The reason was for the music/singing lesson, classes 1 and 2a and 2b where amalgamated, for the half hour lesson with Miss Verity [Headly Verities sister- the Yorkshire England cricketer, who lost his life in WWII while serving with the RAF], and my voice was not appreciated as being that of a musical maestro or diva, and I was was sent back to Miss Eldridge for that lesson, I was given maths to learn BaH?.Ant how at the end of that year I was still ‘freezer’ and I was first in class, and went forward to class 3. This was a formidable class, there was no 3a or 3B, just Miss Busfields’, an elderly buxom lady, with a piecing voice. we were 9 years old the year before the class where when w sat the 11+ for higher school. Miss Busfield expected respect, attention, and absolute discipline to her teachings, and her favorite remedy was a quick wrap over the knuckles with the edge of a 12 inch wooden rule edge on-one did not ignore such punishments, and never told mum or dad, as we knew we where guilty of an error. Then to year 4 Mr Wrights {A strict disciplinarian from a mining background] class or 4b Mr Heavysides and the studying for that 11+ spring examination, set by the national curriculum, no let up! intensive lessons. The only relief was either the girls netball team in the local schools league, or for the boys football and cricket school leagues. The boys under 11’s football team won the local schools league, and the Armatage Cup, A Well done for the school. Picci’s in the papers, I was never a player, like singing in class 2b, I was a school house PRIESTLY , Player, but never represented the school, like my friend ‘BAGWASH’ as the family knew him, his correct handle was Francis.
    What do I remember, some good some bad days, my nickname ‘FREEZER’ and my 2B class prize.a Book entitled ‘the call of the wild” which I still have. Its a group of stories from the Canadian and American Frontier, Great characters and animals. The stories are more pleasant reading than those in the Frontiers of the HOUSES of PARLIAMENT, in Westminster, with all its posers and jesters.
    Later at school as a teenager in a seat of learning one had to discover how to avoid a flying chalkboard duster, and those infinite pieces of chalk hurled about by the teacher of that lesson????
    Life at school, it was all about people and their behaviour, both my teachers, elders and classmates, both boys and girls, now we are all of an age, and I question:- have we voted correctly for the benifit of our Nation, either yesterday or today????

  3. Hi John. Hope you are well! If you ever want to catch up about all things charity, just say!

  4. Dreaming
    Dear John, the current political scenario in Westminster, and to my mind the minefield of trying to solve Corvid-19, by the powers at ‘B’e; Has made my mind wander- I at 77 wonder what our working population in the UK and NI, are doing now as I write this essay. Does everyone have time on their hands, and are they in the teaching and academia circles, or the care and support industry environment, where other persons/dependants other than themselves are relying upon their devotion? Maybe they are enjoying a social occasion in one of the open pubs/restaurant/cafe;s that are trading in a responsible manner.
    Why I ask? With time possibly on ones hands, one is raiding the local library. TV-Sky- NETFLX and radio for that article or piece of entertainment that takes ones mind thoughtfully away from the day to day news:diatribe of CORVID-19, and our illustrious political leaders in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, on society and a way of life forward in our nation.
    I in my minds eye tumble through the subjects John you side list on your Smiles Grumbles ‘Blog’ Site, and wonder have you and us contributors covered most bases, and what can we offer as advice to the future life of the young and the elderly to create a meaningful life, not just an existence, but one can join in and go forward with ones fellow citizens and smile at adversity.

  5. Dearest COCO Woof! WOOF! good morning are you reliving your school days with that more older elderly TV personality ”BARBaRA WOODHOUSE, with her commands, and at the end of a lesson those words ‘ ‘WALKIES”???
    You must going fishing into your memories for that ‘Old Trout’, a character, multicoloured and versatile, like a rainbow in the sky? A Vision?? You must tell me of what Though???

  6. square the circle, just look what the daily mail today had as a headline to an article on page 26-Quote ”;half of doctors back law change on euthanasia” unquote Beware the past blogs of Smiles and Grumbles have many a comment on this subject? not the compassionate vision/last talk with family and one;s god, but societies way of inconsiderate behaviour, and unethical beliefs maybe led by the facts of Monies, and who or who has not the monies. It is all a poisonous chalice??? which we each need to be comfortable with, and have peace of mind!!

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