This post is all about Bodj’s world leading approachch to climate change.   He decided on this after he met the 5 year old Nobel prize-winning Greta Young Bird, who seems to know everything about it.

He will inform the  Nation in tonight’s TV broadcast, which he fully expects to go global, because it is so ground breaking.   here is a preview of the script :~

“ I have learned a lot from Greta and all the other children who demonstrated alongside her, whilst skiving off school.     There is no doubt that the climate is hotting up,which is why I have asked for everybody’s temperature to be checked when they go in a shop or a restaurant or on a plane or in fact if they go anywhere at all.      Anyone whose temperature is over 97 degrees in England, or 97.5 in Wales, or 70 degrees in Scotland or Ireland will be required to quarantine for six weeks until they cool down.   It is lower in Scotland and Northern Ireland because they have a pre-existing condition of being hot headed.

We need to get people back to work so we will start by building reservoirs everywhere and harnessing hydro electricity, as well as stopping all the flooding every year.      The prisoners in all our jails can dig the holes by hand and all my former Cabinet Ministers can help them, because they were good at digging holes too.

Next we will build windmills all along Hadrians Wall to take advantage of all the hot air that blows down from Scotland.   That should stop Nickola Stergeron from huffing and puffing all the time.

Now for the MASTERSTROKE that is the lesson I learned from the Coronapop lockdown.      Pollution was down, road accidents were down, consumption was down,  travel was down, carbon emissions were down, the pound was down, almost  everything was down thanks to Coronapop.     Even my poll ratings are down☹️

After my great success with Boris bikes in London and now that I have brought everything else to a standstill,  I had a light bulb moment 💡     I am introducing my very own, totally unique, green as green can be, BODJ CARS 🤡.      They will be powered by electricity and have a maximum range of twenty miles to ensure that nobody goes more than ten miles away from home.    Also, they won’t have any headlights, so everyone will have to be home before dark.      That way we won’t need any more lockdowns.

I have every confidence this idea of mine will catch peoples imagination all around the world and help defeat Coronapop everywhere.

So please vote Bodj at the Election and I am counting on the children to nominate me for a Nobel prize for climate change.”

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3 Responses to BODJ CARS 🤡

  1. Old bangers? Or is that ‘TARTS’
    I just wonder where BODJ is going in his dream car? A step too far, or a journey ‘one too many’? I ache with exhaustion or is it laughter, the truth is hard to nail?
    But hey never mind? BODJ has done us a regal service, we can all sit on our ‘thrones’ consider were the effluent of our thunderbox goes too, and be green in the face at the result, and the stench, as we struggle with the newspaper cuttings on the nail in the ‘NETTY’. Being Green we dig our hole with our own shovel/spade, and ‘bury the evidence’? SHONET!
    This all can be true in the outlying villages and hamlets of the UK & NI, but what about the metropolitan boroughs and cities? Where are the many mill streams that will power our hydro electricity schemes,? do we all have toy windmills at our windows in our own block of flats to catch the fresh flowing breeze that may flow to power our wind generators, to give us heat and lighting?
    IT IS ALL UPTO THE LLLP, and the voters in the next election, or is it up to Westminster and the up and coming ‘Future Votes’ and ratification of the proposed bills =[Not £-s-d], to give us all a lead, on ‘WHAT IS NEXT?’
    Everything is down including Boris’s pants around his ankles, and he is being stuffed regally as the symbolic ‘TURKEY’ for Christmas=not a tasty meal! At all!
    What is a green vote, and a climate change? One of common sense and respect and compassion for all! AS an apprentice engineer in my science lessons, it was ‘drummed into me’! ‘’That energy can neither be created or destroyed’’ Should this prove to be the case, never mind an electric car that can only service a distance within a 20 mile radius, what about our position in this world, as a nation, trading and general commerce, with respect to air travel, ship bourne travel, and intercontinental land travel {Road and Rail]? Or I am a passing ‘PUFFING BILLY’ on the way to the history books?
    Answers on a voting form please? ‘X marks the spot?’’

  2. Apologies
    Dear John, Dear Mo, John has written in a scathing mannerism concerning Boris , Or BODJ and his love of cars, and that @Puff of Wind@ he has to spout about climate change, and all that Boris/BODJ is doing for us in our name as our ‘Elected Leader’!
    I just wonder Mo! What vehicle JOHN OBE keeps in his front driveway, to be able to escort you to your places of your hearts desires? I note that SON-Tom -has indicated in his sketch of a car with a ‘BONNET’-white- is a Bond Mini 3 wheeler, as the family car of desire for BODJ at NO 10. Alas is this an image in your driveway, and do you have to squash up, with good grace to John in the front seats, and with no back seats put your handbag or as bought shopping in the ‘BOOT’ or is that the name of endearment with which you refer to JOHN OBE- Obscene, bald, and expansive {around the waist line-that is}??? Giggle giggle? I am just ‘GREEN’ with envy at JOHN;s ability to be wise.
    Going back to BODJ’s cars I just wonder, in his moments of ‘‘Green Thoughts’’ where in his minds eye he actually rests and relaxes. In past years, maybe a GIG, or Hackney Carriage, or being more modern a Stanley Steamer- fed/supplied with coal from the cellar hewed and dug and supplied the mining constituencies, together with the wine, or a British Bentley car in the petrol/diesel era supplied by British Petroleum, or a Rover jet engined car, with bottled gas supplied by British Gas, or as we are still in the EU a Mercedes-Benz with a battery and fuel cell supplied by Germany? It is all in the vision, and but a memory? Or what if? BODJ travels from No 10 in his wet suit on a wind driven skate board to his office in Westminster, the police on their electric scooters offer the protection escort! It is for us all too see with the naked eye? And BORIS to perform at the dispatch box empty of ‘GREEN’ ideas, but full of wind, and naked waving his hands about, hiding his private parts and embarrassed face??? Shame! It is or was a wonderful vision of Images?? By the way do the voters supply the ‘BOOT’ for his luggage????

  3. to save on communications-broadband and telephone, electric bills ect: Maybe we go back to hill top communications and semaphore, as good boy scouts and girl guides, and at night a shield and a tilly lamp and morse code and for more complicated and long distance messages pigeon post. A desire to help BODJ save monies, in the OCTOBER BUDGET. There again expressed in WELSH and Gaelic, so that all the nations of the UK & NI all may understand each other, even if the original message to the nation is given out in ”double dutch”? and lots of arm waving!!!

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