Bodj Technology

This is the final broadcast by Bodj on his manifesto for a brighter future.   If you have been tuning into Bodj’s earlier broadcasts you will recall that he has convincingly demonstrated his breakthrough thinking on keeping us all safe, healthy and well educated.    The last programme showed how Bodj will lead the world on climate change.
The final chapter of the manifesto will deal with the all pervading subject of technology.

This is Bodj’s script for tonight :-

“I coined the word “ MOONSHOT” to describe my aspiration for the Test, Track and Trace system.     And we know how well that went!

Now we need a galaxy conquering “SUNSHOT” to get our world beating, BREXIT free, economy going again.     My previous Chancellor, Rushi Havesnomemoney, got us into £trillions of debt.     I firmly believe technology holds the golden key to a brighter future.

As a result of Coronapop, I have closed down all the shops and in future you can get everything you need from the worlds one-stop shop Amazon.   They will only accept on-line orders and payments.      No money will change hands so you won’t have to wash your hancs fifty times a day.      Delivery will be by drone so you will not need to see or speak to a real person.     Amazon have generously agreed to pay £1 a year in taxes, for the exclusive rites to provide this service throughout the UK.    Except, that is for Scotland, where delivery will be by very slow bicycle, until they agree to stop banging on about independence.

Turning to health,  I am delighted to announce that technology has once again saved the day.    Our Nightingale hospitals will replace all existing NHS hospitals and all operations will be carried out by Amazon robots under the close, but remote supervision of Matt Handcockup, with his laptop computer.    Matt has been promoted to Surgeon General, after his heroics with Coronapop.
Since our GP’s  all disappeared during the Coronapop crisis I have decided to do without them in future and use the excellent 111 phone service instead.      When you eventually get through to the automatic exchange, you will be asked to type in your symptoms and an Amazon robot will tell you what’s wrong with you.    The Amazon pharmacy will then deliver your pills in whatever time slot they have available.

Finally, I must cover education, because children are our future and especially now they have the vote !       Schools and teachers and most of all exams were all a bit of a pain, even at Eaton.    We want our children to be happy and not have to suffer a mentally stressful education.    So I propose to learn from the Coronapop close down and close schools and universities for good.     Education will be delivered remotely in Amazon YouTube videos, supported by the Amazon Education Helpline.    And it is all free !, although there will be frequent adverts.”


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2 Responses to Bodj Technology

  1. A very quiet read, however not facicious, but boardering on reality. Go John go, I trust you are not treading the boards, or walking through a fog. Plus that you have plenty of ‘ Izal’ and you or one does as requested and washes one’s hands.

  2. Moonshot
    What a final script for BODJ and his party to present, as a possible manifesto.
    One needs to clear ones mind, head, and memory of what is? Then talk in a serious manner to the Last Laugh Loonie Party, for a most refreshing vision of a future for our Nation.
    I see we are first off all throwing snowballs at the moon, and seeing were they may land in the ether of space?
    I see we have left ‘BRITEX’ and the snowballs, must not be from a weather front from Europe, as they {Europe], possibly may freeze without our contributions of cash to help pay for heating up the argument for a unified Europe, now just a load of ‘Hot Air’? I see the chancellor has a golden key for the Technology in keeping the ‘MINT’ in production of the £pound sterling, not the ‘EURO’? As Spring approaches and the sun rises again in the spring solar-sis we may look forward to a brighter warmer future?
    According to the ‘Sages’ and corvid -19 [corronapop] we have decided, that is BORIS and Parliament on a national ‘Lock-down’ all industry, shops, and hospitality outlets, and money and goods will/maybe exchanged by The Internet? Great! Wonderful, so we are all off to the moon, where we may live in an isolation cell, remote from earth and permitted space walks now and again while we are watched by ‘Big Brother’? I do not worry about the Scots/Irish or welsh, they like us english will live in a ‘goldfish bowl, being fed by like us, by big brother and dishy Rishi the chancellor of the exchequer, at the hand of BODJ?
    As for the NHS and Nightingale Hospitals, provide they have more than 3 Quacks, they can fill the beds with us voters, as we are declared ‘MAD’, or is that Crackers, and all the attendants dressed in white coats.
    For education of the young and to inform them of ‘LIFES’ dreams and aspirations, we go down to the nearest river of navigable canal and set out on a voyage of discovery: However when they and their parents/teacher/guardians reach the open sea, they, or we hoist a sail, and call in the RNLI Lifeboat or the HM Coastguard Helicopter, and declare the experience in life is over, and the state {BODJ} will inform them that the world at large is a small place, and we have all the life you need in the UK &NI ‘BAME’ rules supreme, and Drake, Raleigh, Nelson, Livingstone, are but slave drivers of ideals, with no thoughts freedoms? To enjoy, or taste-A bitter sweet dream. However that is history as seen by the LLLP Ragamuffin Society.
    Just a last word or 2: It is great to have a wonderful ringmaster in this our circus at Westminster, BODJ is apparently reliving his high days and holidays, according to yesterdays media with Osbourne and Cameron, all 3 scallywags were ‘’Bonnington Boys?’’Is that correct name for the ex-past Eton Boys club? But hey! Boris stands at the NO 10 Broadcasting Pedestal, without shame! And waves his hands and arms in the air, like a good boy scout, learning semaphore? I just wonder is it a wave good bye to our european citizens -[who are poles apart], or a welcoming, or is he in fact denuded having sacked his car valeting company from the UK, and BODJ is practising for his new job on the forecourt of No 10 as a car Valeting gentleman, of/with european credentials, polishing off his new election manifesto { vehicle of information}. Never mind BODJ and ‘’Dishy Rishi, are printing money and £50 notes like ‘’no tomorrow’’ in a blatant attempt maybe to buy OUR VOTES? I ask you kind people what do you say, or for whom do do vote????

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