This is a follow up to the last post

Bodj has got himself fixated on SIX, but being a classical scholar the Last Laugh Looney Party recommends he remembers his Roman Empire history and changes the focus to TEN.
Then taking advantage of the fact that temporarily he has no quarrelsome MP’s nor pesky Lords, he should use the opportunity to do what has long been talked about and reduce the numbers in the House of Commons and the House of Lords 🤡

Bodj needs to learn from the mistakes of the last seven months of the Coronapop era.      His Government has been slow to respond at every step.   There have been too many advisors and too many dissenting voices.     The whole process has been too centralised, but at the same time the Regional Governments have just confused the messages by adding their own spin to make themselves look more self-important.


So here are the Last Laugh Looney Party recommendations :-


  • Reduce Local Government structure to a total 100 county and metropolitan unitary authorities.     This means scrapping district councils and amalgamating smaller counties so they have on average around 600,000 populations each.  England currently has 48 counties and 533 MP’s representing them.   Scotland has 33 counties, 59 MP’s for a population of 5.45 million people.    Wales has 13 counties, 40 MP’s and 3.1 population.   Northern Ireland has 6 counties, 18 MP’s for 1.8 million people.
    This would strip out a mass of Local Government management staff, although the front line workers would still be required.
  • Each of the new Unitary Authorities would be represented in Parliament by 1 MP in a slimmed down House of Commons and 1 Senator in an elected House of Lords.     Existing MP’s and Lords would be banned from standing in the new election, in fact any election ever again, because of their bad track record and the not-forgotten expenses scandal.    ( Bodj has decided he will be the one exception and he will stay on until there is a very very big statue of himself erected in front of Parliament to mark his great reforming leadership.)
  • Before they could stand for election all candidates must have had a real job for at least three years.    Being a lawyer disqualifies you from ever standing.    MP ‘s and Senators can serve a maximum of two terms in office and any blot on their character during their term of office, means deportation to the Isle of Mull with no appeal.      Colonel Tom and Marcus Rashford would be given a free transfer into the Senate for outstanding service during Coronapop.
  • The national Governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would be given no powers and no money so they would soon wither on the vine.  Which will conveniently resolve the Independence argument🤡

Reduce the Cabinet to TEN Ministers.   The clue was on the front door all along !

  • prime minister & chair
  • money.
  • people.
  • health
  • education
  • housing & environment
  • foreign affairs
  • defence
  • climate
  • technology

NOW WE CAN HAVE A GENERAL ELECTION.    Once Coronapop is over, which the scientists and modlers say should be by 2026 🤡🌈


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2 Responses to LLLP TEN.

  1. Oh dear, I have ten didget’s with which to poke you in the eye with??? Which one shall i use first, a thumb, little finger or an index finger with which to point the way forward? Or a middle finger while i contend the issues at hand, and make my mind up????
    There again I can use a clenched fist and deliver you a knock out blow, should you not see reason!!!

  2. Last laugh loonie party-ragamuffin society think tank!!
    Here we are the LLLP, are asking BODJ to be sensible with the future of the UK & NI Nation’s Future.
    Clear the decks, here goes!
    Plain thinking: Firstly I visit history and a ships voyage. In the beginning, a group of ‘MERCHANT Traders’ would entrust goods to barta, or cash to invest in articles or investments {agreements of trade}, to the captain of a ship and then ask him to sail to the various countries of the world, and trade on their behalf in trust [the merchants]. Once having completed the voyage the captain would return, and transfer the ‘as traded items in return, and or monies’, and receive in return a ‘’handshake’’ and a fee/duty for to be divided between himself [The captain] and his crew. The more successful and safe the voyage, the greater the thanks and monetary reward for all concerned.
    Today in the LLLP thinking, and a simile to the Houses of Parliament., who has the money? Who has the integrity to be the captain, and who or whom are the crew?
    HERE I resort to a LLLP motion, and follow on from Dear John in the above comments! I require to think beyond the management of the local ‘lunnie bin, and its parochial affairs, in just keeping the loonies and inmates amused, and looked up!.
    Thoughts for the day?
    1/-metaphorically the merchants are the people/ investors/companies/ nations with money
    2/-the nation of the UK & NI has the as of today the non elected[but nominate] members traditional with money-[the investors], or the Merchants and their associated members, who where part of the @GUILDS@ in the City of London.
    3/-Then we have the as voted for members of parliament [untitled] the commoners who represent the unwashed citezens of the nations [UK & NI]
    4/- then we have the unitary, county and local councils who look after the various counties, boroughs and cities of the nation.
    5/-Now in addition to this we have national bodies [voted in by the local electorate] to represent Scotland, Wales and Northern Island, not forgetting the older agreements with the Isle of Man and the Channel Isles,{ these islands are independent of Westminster, but still rely upon Westminster for defence and other international agreements.
    Going back to the voyage of a merchant ship, and a successful voyage, one has to look at the ‘’AS OF NOW POLITICAL SYSTEM within the UK & NI’’ and it makes me question with BODJ and the current constituancy-make up of ‘’The House OF COMMONS’’ are we a fit an eager trading enterprise. Does one ask the questions such as???
    A/=Do we continue as we are with a monarch as the head of state/ Does the House of Lords still to be required to exist in its current form and name. For instance whom should be members?
    B/=Does the house of Commons need to exist in its current form, can it be slimmed down, and reflect more purposefully the wishes of the whole UK & NI electorate.
    C/= Local and unitary councils can they have more freedom.
    E/= Can England/Wales and Northern Island and also the ISLE Of Man and the Channel Isles remain independently of a central governmental body elected by al the constituent parts.
    It all revolves around money and that honest person called the Merchant Trader, who is willing to invest? Can we as LORDS, Ladies, and COMMONERS, exist alone? Do we have independent gold reserves to be bloody minded and to trade with who and whom we wish too, or are we reliant of foreign good will to preserve our way of living and honesty in this commercial world. DARE ONE ASK THE QUESTION Does BODJ see himself as ‘’GOD’’ and the deliverer us from debit, as the First minister in the treasury and the keeper of the BANK OF England?
    What is the answer??? John’s upper house of elected SENEATORS, and the other House of Commons, Appears a most attractive thought? Do we become a republic and forgo the ‘CROWN’, and invest our history and pageantry in a member of the house of ‘SENETORS= we know today as the House of Lords= the second house of the British Constitution- under a new terms of elected term of office for the House of Senators!. This head of state to be elected by the voting Public not nominated by either the House of Commons, or the House of Senators. It is all heresy but then with BoRIS and what he is up to, it makes a lot of common sense???
    Or is it BAH! Humbug!

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