LLLP What next for Bodj ?

Brexit looms and Coronapop is still at large, so the Last Laugh Looney Party has advised Prime Minister Bodj to call a General Election.    It is time tor a fresh start.       This is particularly urgent because in my last post he sacked all the MP’s and the Lords  🤡

However, organising a General Election won’t be easy at the moment, when R is soaring upwards.       Unfortunately, because of the new Coronapop rules Bodj has just introduced, there won’t be any political meetings larger than SIX.   Nor any shouting or loud cheering.     Nor any hand shaking or holding babies.
Another problem would be the length of the socially distanced voting queues, given the 2 metre rule.      Oh! and the time you would need for hand washing and disinfecting the pencils.    Not to forget the testing, tracking and tracing all the voters.    Of course if after a few days, when the test results came back, anyone standing in the ten mile long queues turns out to be positive, they wold have to go and self-isolate for fourteen days.     Unless it was a false positive or even a false negative.     In which case the Marshals would take them away for questioning about how many people they had met in the last three days.

We mustn’t forget all the elderly Bodj  voters who he has told to “ Stay at home ! ”.    Many of them have been isolating since forever.       Maybe Ocado, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and all the other delivery drivers could collect their postal votes the next time they drop off their Bodj emergency food parcels.

Then finally, there are the regional variations, which are necessary to make the Nations that make up the UK feel different and their politicians feel very very important.    In Wales they want to vote with a red pencil and put a tick rather than a cross on the voting paper.      In Scotland they want to vote two, three or four times until they all agree they want to be independent.    In Northern Ireland they want to fight first about what they are voting about.

Having thought about it, Bodj decided to change his mind and that maybe this is not a good time for a General Election after all.

So he has asked the Last Laugh Looney Party for another idea next time, when his Coronapop head is less muddled up.

                               THAT IS THE NEXT POST.

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4 Responses to LLLP What next for Bodj ?

  1. What next?? I must rush down to the nearest nudist Beach, or retreat, and join the other undressed ‘LOONIES’. I need or feel like waving my wiggly bits, and off course my arms in the air, and shouting success! or is it suck lemons! As for common sense that is out of the window, with my bubble of 6, I am broadcasting my thoughts to the world at large? Are you listening? or enjoying that draught of Guinness, one way of paying ones taxes, and forgetting for the moment the troubles of the world. Here again I take a bite of my ‘MARS’ product, and dream of being sent into space, in the company of 3 experts {men or women] in white coats? Never mind the padded walls, i am all ready in the nudist camp , and can visulise a somewhat real world.???
    Calling the LLLP your time is up!

  2. Villa!
    Hello, drifting and dreaming in and out of my padded cell, I heard a shout in my head ‘’UP the Villa’’? who are they you may ask? To Me a dear memory. As teenagers, and during my apprenticeship days in Middlebrough, I came home at the end of term time from my college learnings, and become involved with my old school buddies in there leisure time activities. One of the more enjoyable times was when I was asked to don my football gear, and play in the Sunday league football team called ‘AIREBOROUGH VILLA, an under 19’s league team. I was only invited if they were short of a player, and played at the backs! The league were part of the Bradford and ARGUS Newspaper ‘’NIGNOG-League’’ { All comers of no particular pedigree}. Our Home ground was in the Bradford Sewage Works Estate Village of ESHOLT.
    Great fun to be among friends. In those days Yorkshire Television, started a TV Soap ‘EMERDALE’ and that was filmed in Wharfedale, near Grassington [Threashfield]? Then later in the 60’s the setting for Emerdale was the complete village of ESHOLT, the Local Pub, the village hall, church, and lanes, But not the football ground, and Aireborough Villa playing their heart out! But never mind. As a family we had a few organised family gatherings, with friends, celebrating some occasion in the village hall: To this day with ‘EMERDALE’ all gone from ESHolt, we still do hold an occasional family reunion with friends in the Esholt Village Hall. My moments of quietness bring me many happy memory of AIREBOROUGH VILLA and the village of ESHOLT.
    As a wolf cub and scout on our evenings in the summer time we spent many a meeting playing/ tracking in the woods around Esholt, from our meeting place in Henshaw, next to the Yeadon Gasworks? Phew what a pong/ some times/ but what memories to savour.

  3. A working day?
    As I listen to the drivel? I beg your pardon the succinct information of the ‘goons’ at Westminster, I wait to have my ear wax removed, and while I try to make sense of life and lock down, I am back in my younger days at sea on an ocean going tanker, travelling the seven seas, hot and cold, to ports far and wide. Some of the voyages could on average be some 14 days between ports, or if real;y lucky around the Cape some 33 days between the UK and the Persian gulf during the Suez canal closure.
    While at sea one was tied to the same crew, and ship{ for at least 6 moths on average 8months articles} for which 24 hours a day of which one spent 2 x 4hour watches in immediate contact with ones watch-mates and then time off to sleep, eat and a quiet period to walk around the ships deck, or write that or those letters home to loved ones.
    I now come to my love affair with the ships engineer room, dress to kill, in a white boiler suit. Pair of undies, solid shoes, non slips soles, and I enter the ‘cathedral hall’ and look at the tops of this huge motor engine some two stories high. On the top level are , or could be ‘screaming turbo blowers, or exhaust valves and valve rods going up and down, and there again depending on the engine design multiple upper pistons {Exhaust] dancing musically to the thump thump thump, and the wailing turbo blowers, or indeed to the gentle whoosh! Of the scavenge pumps, all in unison to the propeller shaft and throb of the propeller and her blades, as the whole lot turns over at a modest 110 revolutions per minute driving along to the next watch and our destination [port] and that beer in some happy bar.
    One had to be inter-mite with this throbbing, screeching beast and treat her as a loved one with care and attention, feeling, touching, stroking and making sure all her needs of air, fuel, lube oil and cooling water were in order and at the correct temperature, and then one was repaid with a gentle time of 8 hours off watch, until the next encounter. I f one was not kind the alarms would ‘wail’ and if all was not well one would have to ‘push the red panic button’ and get the chief engineer and the other engine crew out of their slumbers, sort the problem, and take the proverbial ‘kick up the jacksee’ for being negligent, and not alert? What a bugger!
    Some of the time I was on steam ships, not up and an downer but high pressure boilers and turbines. WHEN ONE ENTERED THESE engine room spaces they were cavernous, the turbines/gearbox resting at the lower levels of the engine room. Just a gentle ‘hum’! to content with: However the boiler room was vastly different, hot, gaseous, and again a 2 headed monster, two boilers in one stokehold two stories high. Again one had to be inter-mite with all the machinery and the bits and pieces, as or because if one was again neglectful, one would have to resort to the ‘RED Panic BUTTON’, and all the sweat and abuse that would bring.
    Apart form this life could be pleasant, but thee again ‘FIELD DAYS’ were announced [off duty periods] working down a pump-room, or cargo tank, or on deck repairing some capstan/winch, or water or steam service pipeline. One learnt to be versed in many aspects of firstly human behaviour, and secondly ships machinery: The ship was the wife tread carefully, treat well and one had a good voyage, and a happy time in port, with many a memory.
    IS BODJ a ships captain, or its chief engineer, can he see the way forward, and then can he touch and fell the machinery of Westminster, to make is go forwards to our next port of enjoyment? Or does one hit the ‘RED Panic Button’?? I wonder???

  4. Gruye’ier cheese- Has it got holes in it???
    I just wonder were BODJ and his cohorts are going? I have received a ‘round robin’ email? Concerning the role of the British Forces, by the Defence Secretary Rt. Hon. Ben Wallace.- A recipient is invited to read the email, and then respond in agreement with the ‘as stated Conservative/Government proposed policy’? While this is a noble gesture, I am worried that where after having elected our local MP, the government now are looking for endorsement of a central policy, and not a vote of the majority of : where the problem facing parliament is being as this email suggested as a Protest signature list to back government policy, and not the personal concious vote of the MP where the establishment/government make the vote controversial and abhorrent to the beliefs of that MP as an individual.
    Personally I vote in an election for initially the integrity of the MP and secondly for the party manifesto: I feel with this latest message email government is making the UK Political system subject to a subtle change to adopt more of The ‘SWISS NATIONS’ Political system, where referendums are part of their constitution, conferring with the population on problems presenting a unconstitutional problem.
    Has BODJ and Mr, Dominic Cummings seen a problem ahead? WE have fixed terms government’s between elections? We the British People have not have the ability, nor the as voted government to call for a dissolution of parliament within the 5 year fixed term, and call for a GENERAL ELECTION! Thus endorsing the wishes of the UK & NI voting population.
    Being an older not necessarily wise old buzzard, I just wonder what BODJ is looking for out of British Politics, and the anticipated UK & NI nation, and then with respect the age of the MONACH HM Queen ELIZABETH II, and the future of the realm/crown together with the alleged independence for Scotland/Wales/Northern IReland/England, and possibly the Common wealth?? Does BODJ foresee a constitutional crisis of a proposed REPUBIC of all the constituent countries, and so is he proposing by this email from Ben Wallace a hidden agenda of a ‘SWISS TYPE Government’ within this as is 5 year period of government [since 2019 election] so that the future political decisions can secretly and silently be changed to a ‘SWISS TYPE Governance?? What do you think. We are in dangerous waters, and BODJ did not go to Eton and University to wave his hands about?Question:’ So BODJ what are you up to???’

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