A Fair Bet ?

Right now everyone in Government is focussed on the two big issues of the day, either Coronapop or Brexit.     Well almost everyone.

The Rt Hon Oliver Dowden, the Minister for Digital,Culture, Media And Sport is looking into betting.      He is considering banning betting companies from sponsoring sports clubs.     He has clearly lost lots of sleep over this.   No matter that sports clubs are strapped for cash right now.   Dowden is pressing ahead.

The key question is where do you stop with banning betting  ?

  • Should we ban Christmas raffles ?
  • A £5 bet on the Grand National ?
  • A  £10 bet on the Grand National ?
  • What about bingo ?
  • Or if your posh enough and have dosh enough you could try your luck on the roulette wheel ?
  • Premium Bonds ?
  • The national Lottery ?
  • Stocks and shares ?

It is all a form of betting.      Where do you stop ?    Do you gamble responsibly ?    What on earth does that mean ?

No doubt sports Minister, Nigel Huddleston,  will tell us what we can do, when he has concluded his investigation.     Because of all the lost tax revenues if betting were banned I don’t expect anything much to change.

But I wouldn’t bet your shirt on it !

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3 Responses to A Fair Bet ?

  1. Hello good evening dear citizen, are you as described wishing to be described as Mr Bloggs, or indeed the ladies as a Mrs Bloggess. What are we being asked by the Government Departments of Sport and Social Media? For instance put our money where are mouth is? Or is that put a vote forward for or too support BODJ in either “Brexit”” — Deal or No Deal- it is a 50– 50 vote??? Evens, this maybe less than the odds placed on a horse, football match cricket match result? Or other odds that the “”tick-tack man”” may offer. What ever the odds, like all betting proceeds the promoter all ways gains, and BODJ MAY BE RELYING on the gambling disease filling the nation at present [ and his coffers for those out of work]? as we all make or may be make a token bet in these days of coron-19, and offer that odd ‘ sixpence [tanner-cleaned out]? or two for a welcome return on a “”Brexit” outcome with the EU. We are all bystanders and punters hoping for an honourable solution to benefit all parties. As for us as UK Citizens and the sports industries within the UK, unless one makes a personal donation,,all monies must be earned honorable to support the sports of our own choice

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  2. Here in MK it is 07.30 and dawn is just about to break?.i must now consider my options, and before the winter solstice? – the longest night, consider my position as a member of the “ragamuffins society” of the Last Laugh Loonie Party [LLLP], and how do i answer all those incoming messages of ‘Loove ‘ from those persons of influance in the present government, i have – shaki sharma, the indiustry secretary/ minister? Armidden?? from the byre, and i must not forget that most personal of all wishes from BODJ- or am I considered to be such a personal friend, i can call him “BORIS”, forgetting the courtesy of the title right honourable!!!. Blimey! Love?
    Before i am struck by the longest knight, and the ” night of the long knives” AND BANISHED TO THE WILDERNESS ! I have a mischievious observation befitting the LLLP?
    Stop and look, take stock as hogmanay approaches? In parliament, and Boris’s closest allies we lost that anglo saxon bloke domonic cummings, a georrdie too boot, but never the less not elected but a chosen one,?? We now, i mean me! Looks at the current c!ose members of the cabinet, and i suppose chief spokespersons,! We have a chancellor of the exchequer, than a minister for indusrry, from where?? I must guess i do not know their constituency’s, but i suspect speaking for the industrial heartland of the UK?? Midlands, north west and Yorkshire,??? Then too boot we have a sturgen, speaking for Scotland or its Scotish Parliament, i note no ethnic persons invited to be her spokesperson in Westminster.
    I am as a loonie totally confused and just wonder if i am -“WOKE-” or even aware of =BAME” – ??? Or i am just an ignorant fool, misguided, by Boris and his cohorts, by his their personal christmas messages to donate to the conservative party coffers, where not a vote is asked off? But hard earned cash??? And they without question do not offer a poor box but stipulate a minimum amount.. I wonder if i put my £5 or £10 pound note on the nail in the = netty= and pray that some one will pull my chain?
    A very happy Chistmas and a merry New Year to you dear reader xx

  3. My daily rag today Monday 14 December, as all ways is the Daily Mail: i opened the pages with lots of anticipation, and only found lot’s of innuendo by various columnist?? Hence i traveled the”” net”” to see who or whom was the editor in chief, and that rouge, not a scallywag- in my book, but happens to be an old Etonian!!
    What has set me up crying in my gravy is the in-depth allegations of Prince Andrew and his gallivanting around with some exotic birds in a den of inequity run by that past master of alleged sexual education. Then too boot there is another piece by a journalist reckoning that Prince Charles was bed hopping, lead by some bounder?
    I just wonder what the politics in capital letter’s are of the MAILS Editor in Chief are?? Does he stand for family values?? What in the long term does he wish for the UK and NI??
    Does the gentleman with a smile wish to destroy the “CROWN” and then the UK AND NI POSSIBLY BECOME A REPUBLIC?? Headed by Eton and its educational viewpoints, so diminishing the HOUSE OF WINDSOR, and its successors??
    HM QUEEN ELIZABETH has faced many a problem?? In her reign, however these latest revelations and the ongoing trials and tribulations of Diana, must i would have though That her HRH THE QUEEN, asked respectfully: What is life all about? Can no one admit the faults of ones family, and yet have ideals above the navel, and have their trust and confidence in the CROWN, AND A WAY FORWARD???,
    Should the time come when each of us as individual and citizens within the UK AND NI, HAVE TO THINK PERSONALLY OF FAMILY?? Against our history, and the ability to resolve our problems?, Not on the playing fields of ETON, BUT WITH IN OUR OWN FAMILIES AND BELIEFS!!, THEN i trust the daily media including the Daily Mail will not be so mealy mouthed, and in search of such a salacious story involving sexually appetites?
    Even should i say it some of the cabinet and BORIS HIMSELF went to Eton??, as did some other families: that have alleged assets in Barbados, so like some of us and the royal family have to consider “”WOKE”” and “BAME”” AND other such stories that appear in the Daily Mail.
    Questions? Are we all like re-publicans drinking from the same flagon, and toasting and having the same wishes for the future?? Or are should i say am i a drunken idiot full of wind and a bad beer or/and wine intoxicated with importance???

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