Many A Slipper.

Two years ago my wife Mo gave me a lovely pair of slippers for Christmas.  It wasn’t the only present she gave me, but it was definitely the one I used the most from then on, because they were so comfortable.     They were expensive tan coloured suede, sheep skin, fleece-lined, slip-on slippers.   So much much more fashionable than my grandad style check pattern slippers with the Velcro straps, that I had previously; or the hotel-liberated flip flops that I used to ware around the house.    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if David Beckham hasn’t got a pair.

They took a bit of getting used to because they were mules, which means that you have to grip them with your toes to stop them sliding off.   I  guess that is why they are called mules, because you tended to walk like a donkey with slow plodding steps.     They would be more accurately called slip-offs, than slip-ons.    Still they were my pride and joy, so I threw out all my old unfashionable slippers and give-away flip flops.

That’s when the problem started.    The 10 yards between the kitchen door and the green house.     That is where I keep my gardening shoes.    Obviously I needed to keep my new luxury slippers for ‘best’,  even a step outside was a risk.     Suede does mark very easily, particularly light tan suede.

I did tip toe to the greenhouse extra carefully for almost a whole year, but gardening is a  muddy business especially in the spring.     So it wasn’t long before my new slippers started to get marked. which caused a few glaring glances from Mo, every time I came in from the greenhouse.      You can brush the dirt off the slippers in the summer, but by autumn in the wind and rain, brushing them makes the marks worse.     Just in that 10 yard sprint, my tan slippers became a dark shade of brown.

So what a lovely surprise it was when the very next Christmas Mo gave me another identical pair of luxury tan coloured slippers, with strict instructions that they were ‘indoor’ slippers.     In future, I think slippers might become a regular Christmas present, like pants and socks.

To be continued ………. in the next post.

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4 Responses to Many A Slipper.

  1. Just like the cattle on a rainy day,, i am sat down ruminating and chewing the cud??? Christmas present too and from a loved one are so personal and meaningful, they, that is the love one appear to know all the fobbles of their nearest and dearest??? While i dream of my selected pair of slippers, or jazzy shirt,?? I am woken out of my dream by new years day, not hogmanany and my hangover, but by my promise to escort my loved one to the “”SALES”, And to wander around aimlessly having to have an opinion on “”this or that” it can be a pleasure, when the shops call time and close for the day, or i am a ” goffer” with lots of hands full of bags and shopping??? Maybe this year i can look around for a ‘Chelsea electric tractor’ to take me shopping throughout the year, or is it a chariot of more modest means with a shopping basket hanging from the handlebars??? Oh to grow old gracefully!!! What say you!!!

  2. Watcher kido?? Hows Christmas approaching, not with much sense to me lockdown tier 3 all over the place, and then 5 days of living in a bordello doing and be granted ones wishes, reaching climax after climax.
    The telly had a story of a 93 year old wwii venteran who has just lost his wife of 90 years of age, and he is lonely?? The care home have invited the public to send some cards of well wishing and friendship for the season! Very noble at 93 years of age and possibly some 60+ plus year of happy marrige, it may be cards can convey that feeling of warm, but with respect i suggest not that personal welcoming of a fellow human, that soft touch, and gentle few words, or just the silence of sitting amongst friends?
    Here one may reflect in the future and philosophy of a care home, and maybe we need staff and residents and visiting families to realise a good care home can be altruistic and have the where with a!l to be a retirement village, not a death camp?
    Please send cards, but do remember to call in and have a chat and a cuppa, with love and best wishes for a very happy christmas and new year.

  3. Just a gentle walk through the page’s of the Cof E ancient and modern hymn book, as the “christingle “service draws near, and those angelic childrens voices singing those carols i come to remember- away in a manger- while shepards watch their flocks by night- o little town of bethlehem- and my favorite-silent night, holy night- and the tv of my childhood, and its enovation of “”eurovision” at the Christmas period, and the visit to that church in the “” Black Forest”” in Bavaria, and the german voices – children- singing silent night holy night in german, wonderful. It brought my memories to life of christmas with mum and dad during my childhood in Hamburg after Wii..
    Then with mum and dad back to the UK and Leeds, queueing for the Santa Grotty Grotto with mum and dad and my sister’s in Lewis Store in the Headrow leeds..
    One year we were most fortunate and the whole family, mum , dad, gloria, pussy and i were taken to the Theatre Royal and the panto -Cinderella- and one of the stars was buttons? Non other than George Formby and complete with his banjo uke? Great memories!! Washing windows tune?
    I just hope while i have mine, i am able to create many a memory for my children, and their children.
    It may be only 5 minutes thinkof home, but to me a lifetime, and a happy one at that!!!

  4. I not forgotten that evergreen, ” I am dreaming of a White Christmas” by Bing Crosby, ant the other festive song Jingle Bells great, not fogetting the film of Scooge” based upon charles dickens story –a Christmas Carol– and finally the song ” i saw mummy kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe last night. Happy Christmas mum and dad, your memories are safe and alive, while you walk around heaven all dayxxx

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