Many A Slipper. Part Two

This post is the sequel to the slipper story in my previous post.

So now due to my wife, Mo’s generosity, I am the proud possessor of two identical pairs of suede slippers.     The light tan pair  for ‘indoor best’ and the brown pair for  walking the 10 yards from the back door to the greenhouse.    Before I change into my gardening shoes.

This does make gardening a bit of a logistical nightmare,  especially when regular cups of tea are needed from the kitchen during a normal gardening day.     Four cups of tea requires 48 shoe changes.    Not surprisingly I sometimes get it wrong and end up with a gardening shoe indoors, or an indoor slipper outdoors.     A sudden April shower driving me quickly in from the garden and the kitchen can look like shoe shop.

Then one day I somehow lost one of my outdoor slippers.   That ment I needed to use one of my ‘best ‘ indoor slippers outdoors.    I knew this would lead to trouble.   Before long my right indoor light tan slipper started to look the colour of my left outdoor slipper.      Now the logistics had gone completely out of the window.

I couldn’t let a few slippers get in the way of my gardening, but I suppose it was inevitable that sooner or late I would loose another of my luxury mules.     It just slipped away quietly and no foot noticed.
Unfortunately,   what I am left with is one indoor light tan luxury left slipper and one outdoor not so luxury brown left slipper.    Still walking like a donkey is easier and Mo always says I have two left feet.


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3 Responses to Many A Slipper. Part Two

  1. Nevermind dear chap? You are my hero ” hopalong cassidy” that cowboy with nothing to do, not even to chase his fair maiden over the prarie?, or is it in the gaden, but use his six shooter correcting all the wrongs in this world of our?. Now then if is a long time since i paid my thruppence at the Saturday matinee to watch my favourite cowboy and his horse “trigger” or is the the name you call MO when you require in the shed that elexia of a cuppa? Go get’em cowboy? You as far as i can see up to your eyes in bullshit! But still have a sweetly smell or odour about your person????
    You bit or is it” bint” of ” old spice”!!!!

  2. Just crossing my fingers in this “tier 4” lockdown, and while i stroke my chin, smile and picking my nose, while i struggle with a conversational pieces, to engage Molly in errudute conversatations, with breaks in the deep talk and few odd words of affection, as we tussle with the jig saw of lifes boredom, and an actual 500 piece jig saw, of a village street bathed in summers sunlight.
    With ones thoughts and memories. I believe we will all come out the otherside of this corvid-19 EPIDEMIC??
    I am looking forward to some fun and more comical remarks from BORJ, CORRECTED from time to time by the LLLP, with a little giggle here and there, as we put the jig saw of life together, completing the 500th last piece into place! With the word of the GREEK GOD, shouting = EUREKA=

  3. I trust we all know the future, and what it may bring? Sunshine and hope i wish, as we have just passed the darkest night of the year! And look forward to Christmas and a New year of lighter days.

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