Clutter reset- bank statements

I started my decluttering rampage four years ago, although it soon fizzled out into more like a ramble.    Then I slowed to an amble and eventually it became a shambles.   Rather like the story of Brexit.

Take the example of bank statements which I  blogged about 4 years ago on Christmas Day!    ( You can find it by clicking on the Archive for December 2016)    Maybe I didn’t get any presents that year ?
I thought I had sorted all the bank paperwork once and for all and saved another Amazon forest, but I was sadly mistaken.    I declined to bank on line so the  bank statements kept coming and coming and coming.    Now Prime Minister Bodj is having to spend billions of pounds planting trees to combat climate change and it is all my fault !
I didn’t mean to do it.   I have even reluctantly started to use contactless cards, which means I quickly lose track of how much money I have spent.   That’s why I still need the bank statements !

So here I am 4 years on still getting bank statements in the post every month.    I need a new plan :-

  • I could spend all my money and have a big Christmas blow out.
  • I could even over spend, max out my credit cards and almost go bankrupt,   That would seem to be Bodj’s approach.   Certainly there would come a point when I would get no more bank statements !
  • Another option would be to withdraw my money, stuff it under a mattress and close the account.

Decluttering bank statements is becoming a Christmas tradition, A bit like mince pies and games of Monopoly.

🎄 Happy Christmas 🎄

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6 Responses to Clutter reset- bank statements

  1. I see another quill pen has been utalised in scribbing this diitribe of waste about paper?? The goose must wonder where all his feathers have gone? Or is the poor goose for the oven? As we might say cooked, ready for your christmas dinner with Mo!!
    About the actual substance and the bank? It takes me back to my junior school- rawdon littlemoor board school, in batter lane, where my goose was cooked? In the 1949-50 year term miss verity [headley verirty,s sister- that Yorkshire and england cricketer] taught, every monday morning after prayes and the register- me at 7 year old! Everyone in class would be invited to open or put that penny in ones bank book, issued by the — Yorkshire Penny Bank- which had the backing of the west riding education authority, and one was issued with a blue pass book, to register all transactions = in and out -= of the account.
    I and my sisters never held such an account there were 3 of us so pennies were scarce in the days of rationing.
    Never mind as we grew older dad encouraged us children to open a bank account at the family bank Barclays, which served me well until my retirement in 2002!!
    Life changed then and on line banking, and a no deal from Molly and i, so we went to where we had a local branch and a national network of branches, and we had to think rethink, as we from time to time like to talk to a human, read a statement, and not yell at a computer screen, of an automatic telephonic service, which encourages me to push buttons and learn oaths in ancient anglo saxon?
    What say you???

  2. I have been to the TIP? At least the blogg pages for December 2017, ! What an exciting read,?? Getting ready for my mother in laws hogmanany!, Grace was Scottish and on new years eve would clean the house, washing and laundry from top to bottom by 17.00 then sit down prepare an evening family feastive eats, so at 19,00 we would all be invited to sit down and enjoy, then after,the music dancing in the front room in front of the fire, many a song by andy stewart and jimmy shand and his band, plus other scottish artists. Then midnight and Auld Lyng Sygn, kisses hungs, and the dark haired men would go out to neighbours and friends, family, with lumps of coal [ long may your lumb reek], pieces of cake and a bottle of whiskey, wishing everyone warmth, food, and good cheer for the new year!!!
    The banks were shut so the statements and letter were confined to the netty and the nail on the back of the netty door. It was to be another years of good intentions and hopefully posterity.!!!

  3. First footing as was and the custom is known

  4. I am pregnent with silence, and like the recent news items, i feel i should sue the NHS, for making me pregnent, and if that fails the football leagues and especially the rugby clubs and associated league and union association for encouraging me to take part in a contact sport, especially i am full of a pregnent silence, and not speak of the thinking i am required to do, as to whom i should sue? Not forgetting for my pregnant state the NHS???
    My my my head aches, have i earnt moneies at playiny a contact sport, oris it from the cheering and roaring of the crowd. Maybe we as players and spectators should wear ear muffs while either playing or watching a live match/ game.
    Of course as a deep pocketed or of a gentlemans pursuits, i should not engage in the sporting event of Fencing as i may be pierced through the heart, and die, but never mind i can sue the NHS, for not having a resusitation policy?
    Should i go for a swim it is not a sport, but a cleansing of the body and soul, and a uttering of a prayer, that may be humans may be able to walk on water?? Or my request that the NHS IS THOUGHT OFF AS A GOD!!!
    Oh to be human and err living a life full of intrigue and excitment with a little !ove!

  5. Hello, i am resting after enjoying my christmas roast of beef, potatoes, mash potatoes, sprout
    Ts, carrots and gravy, followed by toffee ice cream with melon and toffee sauce.. Now i am snoozing watching a video, of apolo 13, great afternoons enjoyment. Next HM THE QUEEN, and her christmas broadcast to the nation.
    For the moment, i am with my family, and corvid-19 is a just but a dream, reality in the new year 2021.

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