Bodj, Karrot and Sprout.


As with every Boxing Day, it is a time for using up all the left-over Christmas vegetables.     At Number 10 it is no different, especially now Carrie has decided that  as the First Family. they should set an example to the whole country,  and the rump of Europe …….. and maybe even the whole world…… by becoming vegetarian.     She was sure that was what Boris ment by going green.

Of course for the New Year, Prime Minister Bodj says there is going to be a New Years resolution like :- “EAT YOUR GREENS”

……… or is that a revolution like :-   “GREEN ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING”

……..or perhaps it could be a revelation like :- “I’M THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT”.

Bodj thinks it’s time for a Cabinet clear out, since they took so long over ‘getting Brexit  done’.    Oh! And that virus thing hasn’t gone away.

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3 Responses to Bodj, Karrot and Sprout.

  1. Green with envy!!! What a clear clear mind bodj may have in the new year?? All to vote for?? Or is it to be of ” kick the ball into touch” or a game with his beloved? And parliament off course of ” hide the thimble” while he! Bodj sew’s a stitch or two, into his tapestry of politics??
    I just wait and wonder???

  2. The title of this blog bodj, karrot, sprout?? I am slightly amused, and i just wonder if as a voter i am being offered a carrot? Then the stick, and to vote GREEN??? Alas the green party are or appear to have a low profile in Westminster, and i cannot name one of the ” party”
    I am obviously going to have to go and sprout new idea’s for this coming year 2021, so i can badger the ” beasts of the conservative party” to make or cojoule Bodj to make a meal out of his/ our BREXIT DEAL? WITHOUT doing a runner on us poor beans, who voted him into a postion of power with responsibilities and the hopes of us all!!!
    I don’t wish to finish up yellow like over cooked corn on the cob, all buttered up, or like a puffed wheat in a serial bowl?? Not too much sugar?, but please a little sense!! With a good helping of milk and honey, given by a loved one!!! Happy new year!!

  3. Spirits are high today, full of expectation of a prosperous and happy new year for all!!! All though the scottish celebrations of hogmany may be curtailed, first footing and a toast to the new year 2021 would and is welcomed!
    As the LLLP RAGAMUFFIN SOCIETY I have no wish to “” cold shoulder BODJ” AND If i may i wish to offer him a new political slogan??? =” LIVE, LOVE, LUST, POWER=” and to bring us all redemption and forgiveness, for Brexit!! As i may quote the logo LLLP? May it be- LIVE LOVE LUST, POWER snd not the Last Laugh Loonie Party.!!
    Please Boris do not mess this up, and do a long jobs in your underpants!!! Oh shonet?? Have i been indiscrete?? I wonder? we have corvid – 19 and the rest of 2021 to review our relationships with each other and the EU.!

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