Last Ditch Coronapop Effort

Now that Bodj has solved Brexit he has decided to give the irradication of Coronapop his undivided attention for the last few days of 2020.
Bodj thinks he has found a few little loopholes that all his Cabinet Ministers and all the scientists and epidemiologists and immunologists and every kind of other ologist has missed altogether.

Here are the extra new rules for 2021 :-

  • Anyone who wants to can travel abroad to anywhere that will have them, but they can’t come back.
  • Anyone who has had a Chinese meal between January 2019 and now, must self- isolate for three weeks, then take a test, then get in the back of a lorry and smuggle themselves into France.
  • Anyone who has had a Christmas present marked with ‘made in China’ should burn it immediately and isolate themselves for forty days.   This will probably be almost everyone.
  • Students studying Chinese should complete their course in Wuhan and then emigrate.
  • People who will not commit to going green by 2025 should move to one of the low-lying islands in the Pacific.   Now!
  • All school children will be given free Boris bikes and told to ride around for a year instead of going to school.    The fresh air and exercise will be good for them and prepare them for their low carbon future.
  • Any one whose name is Dominic and has been to Durham recently should move to a remote uninhabited Scottish island and take half the Civil Service with him.
  • All the journalists who have asked awkward questions in Bodj’s zoom conferences and Piers Morgan should go and do live weather reports from Antarctica.
  • Finally, Nicola  Sturgeron and her grumpy Scottish National MP’s should relocate to Rockall and become ‘independent’,  then they can rejoin the European Union.   They won’t need borders, because nobody else will go there.


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3 Responses to Last Ditch Coronapop Effort

  1. Happy hogmanay, and may your first footing be to No. 10, and give them a lump of coal, a piece of christmas cake, and a wee dramm!! There are no black haired gentlemen in rhere that can go first footing with a well come wish, and a friendly tap on our doors? If they do they may, only be a messeenger from the = gods= bringing us bad luck

  2. This morning at 07.45 30 12 2020 was a red sky! I heed to the warning of the old adage ‘Red sky in the morning, Shepard’s warning!’ I just wonder if our grand shepherd ‘BODJ’ is trying to tell us something before we celebrate the coming of a new year?
    Yesterday the rt. Hon. Mr Hunt minister for health was stating, nay proposing we oldies pay a tax if over 40 years of age towards health care. and the nearer one gets to St Peter the greater the donation. then bugger it! all we if we have monies pay an inheritance tax? when we #POP OUR CLOGGS# Great what is life all about TAX and death. the next thing we will have recycling gas ovens for the deceased, as they [ that is the deceased] may be considered worthless? and forgotten?? All I can say is ”Balls” to the lot of you in Westminster, you are looking after your own, not us poor ignorant souls, who may have voted you all in, to govern us with dignity and compassion, and a little honesty.
    The current majority within Westminster was to rid us of the ‘mess’ and complete confusion of ”BREXIT’ now I expect you all not to put us in for a tax rises, willie nilly, but to get you all out of this
    mess aided and abetted by the current Corvid-19 epidemic, and then the mindless over spends, with out regard of who can pay the debts, and who will have employment to be able to pay the debts for UK Limited in the future. Boris be a man:: control your cabinet and lead parliament to come up with some honest and acceptable solutions, not just ‘GUT Felt’ feelings of how we fleece the general public of the UK of their assets {income, pension rights and mortgages-[ for the homes]
    Are you wishing Boris to be a true socialist party where the rich get richer, and more domineering, and dictatorial??? Or are you able to offer a reasonable, practical solution to the honest hard working families of the UK????? with a little ”common sense”?? Please I ask???

  3. Dear john, i am writing you this letter, i feel forgotten and unloved? Rishi dishy, bodyj himself and other members of the cabinet are enjoying the ” brexit” deal, and not for getting the home secretary who may wish to sentance me? Because the uks independance from the EU. However the devil is in the detail, they do not wish me and my family a happy new year, but request/aSk for a donation to Conservative party funds including the CEO OF THE PARTY?? I FEEL deflated, not popular but an instrument of sustinence, it appears they wish more than my vote??My very Soul?? And if Coco could bark or talk his bone you have promised him for the new year 2021,
    Maybe coco can nip at their heels and bring them all to order??? I just wonder!!!

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