More Junk Mail Please.

I have written a lot of posts grumbling about junk mail since I started this blog.       ( You can see my earlier posts by clicking on “GrumbleSmiles Post” in the TagCloud).
Now in the drawn out days of Coronapop  I take it all back.   I have never found junk mail so interesting.     I long for the moment when when the outside world  reconnects with the inside shielding me.     Better still a larger unrequested catalogue of unwanted gifts or gadgets that won’t fit through the letter box.   Then you get the bonus of a knock on the door and a human face.   Shame about the mask and the muffled explanation from across a socially distanced street.

Still, I have something to do for an hour or two in the morning.    Reading about things I didn’t know I wanted.   Forget about the Amazon rain forest that is rapidly disappearing and think about the unique extended reach toenail clippers  that you need now you can’t get down to the floor any more.     Or would I have ever known about the luxury, 6star, all-inclusive Mediterranean cruises that I can book now before it is too late, but may not be able to go on for a year or two …… or ever again.

Perhaps I should buy some stylish wide fitting shoes with 20% off, just in case I can go out again.    Or how about some all new, powerful, non-toxic, all- natural home cleaner that never ever scratches; no home should be without some in these days where germs lurk around every corner.

Without junk mail I have been missing out on all these wondrous products, all because of my negative attitudes towards junk mail.      In the lockdown isolating  Coronapop world, junk mail is becoming a blessing.    GP’s should order it on prescription.     Bodj should make a new rule that everyone should have at least one piece of junk mail a day.

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6 Responses to More Junk Mail Please.

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Junk in haste
    Hey Ho!!! All this junk mail at the door, from such places in the world as Amazon, and that literally. Delivered with a smile in the eyes and a knowing nod of the head, and a memory of those brown envelopes as a younger person. If one is lucky, Postie or the delivery person may give one a form to sign. To complete the contract of delivery? In these days of growing older no removal of a mask, a drop of a suspect hankie, and then hankie pankie, with lots of love and kisses, as one used to dream off in the many salubrious side streets in the ports of the world, while window shopping???
    Never mind me with postie or the delivery person, I am quietly drawn to my memories of my youth, and Duncan Middlemas, a close friend of my school days along with ‘Bagwash’!!!
    Duncan, Bagwash and I were of an age together. And followed each other through the ‘Ragged Lads School~ Duncan and Bagwash were accomplished football players and played may a game for the school team, winning local school leagues and tournaments.
    Duncan and I throughout our school years were in the same cub pack, scout troop, and senior scout group, and accomplished many things together. In cubs I was in the red six and Duncan the blue six, we achieved the accolade of seconder and sixer. Individually we often lead the pack on a summers evening for a game of tracking through the local Esholt Woods, laying the trails and clues for the pack to gain experience in their individual proficiency badge for tracking. In Scouts we were again tenderfoot investiture on the same night and later again together at our Queen Scout Investiture.
    We attended many scout camps our first was Gilling East, in the grounds of the Catholic College of Ampleforth, Here in our separate patrols [ mine Kingfisher- Duncan Eagle] Here we learnt to swim and got the bug, and on return for many a year went every Saturday swimming to the Leeds City Baths indoor at Bramely, great fun, here we trained and undertook the tests for our swimming proficiency badges. One interesting fact in those days was that one could not become a First Class Scout, unless one could swim a minimum of 25 Yards?? We attended many camps besides Gilling East, Coverham, Kettlewell, Bramham Park where the Chief Scout Lord Rowallan inspected the Yorkshire Scout Troops: and the Sutton Coalfield 50th anniversary Jubilee Scout Camp, with the as selected world scouts. Quite a memory. A couple of weekend camps at Bilton- the Harrogate Scouts association campsite. As senior Scouts our first camp was at Bloody Vale in Swaledale, where Duncam and I left for or Venture Badge [senior scout badge] and had our venture trail from Bloody Vave to Bucken In wharfedale. This was incomplete and followed it up with a Venture Trail up the Washburn Valley, which we completed successfully. One of the most memorable camps/hikes was as a senior scout troop to Norway and our 8 days in Havdanger Fjord. Near Stavanger and then catching the ferry back Stavanger/Bergan to Newcastle, Great.
    WE Molly and I kept an open eye on Bagwash and Duncan. Molly and I though another chance meeting met Duncan with his work Colleague from his works place Shire Baths in Otley, in a Pub on Ilkley Moor, we were challenged to a doubles game and won. I never saw Duncan again. I went to see and Duncan Unfortunately in his 30’s had a heart attack and died. But the memories live on.
    My christened scout name was ‘BULLFROG’ a term of endearment for the noise I made. Bagwash and his family and Our Mollys and My family live not far from each other and are still verbally rude to each other during our frequent meetings and get togethers’.

  2. Tonight the corvid-19 broadcast steps interesting??, at an age of 78 i just am thankful on the innnoculations programme, and wait patientlty to meet and greet with hugs and kisses my family., and those touchy feelings i enjoy.

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Blitz Spirit BBC TV1 23 02 2021 @ 20.30 hrs. until 22.00 hrs. By Lucy Worsley
    Did you dear viewer, reader see this programme? What are your thoughts???
    Mine are mixed, and i wish to stir my memories up a little?
    Quote i am not sure of the purpose, or timing of the programme during this pandemic of corvid-19, Was the programme meant to be informative, sentimental, or propaganda ?? I am at my age 78 slightly cynical, of the governments intentions towards the British public at large.
    The programme highlighted the period of WWII bombings of London and its East End and docklands chiefly? The other U.K. Ports, and industrial cities were mentioned in the last 5/8 minutes of the broadcast? It dealt and to my mind cast doubt on the true spirit of the thinking and conditions of the time, loss of life, housing and food. It followed the government of the day. making policies on the hoof?, after the swell and uprising of the actual population’s living conditions in the east end of London, and the aerial bombings of the UK cities and ports.
    Somehow the programme presenter proposed that the “” blitz spirit” was a myth promoted by the government of the day? And the writing of the few who are now past on suggests that the government of the day was editing the truth??? So i ask?? With respect and politeness why this programme now broadcast on primetime tv and a major channel? Are the government asking us all to be more conscious of what = corvid- 19= means to certain strands of today’s UK population?? The old, elderly, infirmed, and less mobile ??? While we as an older average aged population must accept death in all its clothes and as we approach those pearly gates, and St. Peter??? The death rate quoted for the bombings in WWII was i believe some 100,000 or thereabouts? And with corvid-19 we are approaching 100,000, are we not? According to the daily statistics in the government’s facts and figures broadcast from the steps of No 10, and the news flashes from parliamentary speeches, by today’s erudite politicians?
    At my younger age, in my very early teens mid 1950’s I recall the BBC tv showing war in the air programmes some 20 odd hour long, presented by Sir Brian Horricks, commander in WWII, And the many campaigns, , North Africa, Italy, Balkans, Norway, France and then the lowlands of Europe and finally Germany, all related to the. Allied war effort, Russia included to remove the threat of Nazified Germany? Not Forgetting Burma the Far East and Japan. As a teenage it was most sobering, and educational, broadcast factually without. Propaganda?
    During my days at sea in the merchant navy, sailing under the ” red duster” British flag, as an engineer, was in the 1960,s to early 70’s a commitment, and each British seaman, when they signed on the ships articles was agreeing and enlisted in a “reserve occupation”?? In the event of the outbreak of hostilities, most vessels carried DEMS LOCKER
    [ defence equipment for merchant ships!!- equipment and information for convoys etc–should the ship have orders/ cargo for a Soviet Port” then the ‘dems locker’ equipment was removed and handed to the local British embassy], and each ship in its safe carried sealed orders to proceed to a safe port, where ever the ship was trading, so there was a hidden threat of family splits/separations, serving both one’s country, and ultimately one’s family.
    So, one throughout life has to make choices, some of which are unknown at the time! So, the “”Blitz Spirit” lives on, one has to be sure footed and level headed, and take with a pinch of salt! The Propaganda that may float around from time to time!!!! Like flotsam??

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