The New Rules

We have all got so used to the Coronapop rules these days.    Therefore, to keep society in order and free from viruses forever, it would be a good idea to continue with them for the foreseeable future or longer.       Of course they should be simplified and harmonised across all nations of the UK.

  • To make Scotland feel more part of the Union, everybody throughout the UK should wear tartan kilts from now on.     Upkilting will be strictly banned !    
  • To include the  Northern Irish community everyone will be required to parade up and down their local streets every Friday waving banners and shouting ( quietly).   Rock throwing will only be allowed after 5 o’clock.    Only diesel cars can be set alight.
  • To appease the Welsh nationalists, Welsh will become the adopted language throughout the UK.    Road signs throughout the UK will be re-languaged and all towns will begin with  “Llan”.   Travel will still be limited to 12 miles a day until every single person agrees to be vaccinated against Coronapop.

In honour of this momentous declaration of national unity, Prime Minister Bodj has decided to re name himself as Paddy Jock Taff Bodj. Although this will be shortened to PJT in cabinet meetings. Just using initials seems to be catching on.

On his travels around the RE-UNITED KINGDOM the Prime Minister will use the name “Jock Bodj” in Scotland, “Paddy Bodj” in Ireland and “Taff Bodj” in Wales. Bodj is sure this will go down well. He is still thinking about England, maybe he will stick to “Boris”?

To keep things simple, the only other rule is that there will be more rules.

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6 Responses to The New Rules

  1. Rules by John, amended by the LLLP Ragamuffin’s society.
    What a message to behold, complete uproar, the guns sounding off in Edinburgh Castle, the Queen in Mourning, Prince of Wales in formation, the Irish Guards playing the last post, and me!! Little old me trying to make sense of all this corvid-19 isolation with face masks to hide everyone’s true identity and that ‘’Knowing smile’’, only guided by that twinkle in the eyes???
    What is too become of us???
    The new birth of Rt. Hon. MP and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is lost on me as a member of the LLLP?
    BODJ as I know him, being suffixed by JOCK, TAFF, and Paddy gives me a cry for help, and as for the English,[ not the tartan Gaelic speaking Scots, or the rough and tough Ulster people,] having to speak welsh? Well I never! Have we as the English Welshed! on an agreement within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, not to be United, as one sovereign state? I just wonder what is to come next?
    John I can see has had fun, and put up some deep thinking for us all to chew on the bone about? Never mind the Last Laugh Loonie Party still Stands, and utters pure drivel for us all to consider?
    Personally this takes me back to my younger life in the British Merchant Navy, and the mixture of crews that the ships had to sail with and make not friends with but was termed after the 1894 MS Acts Board of Trade Ships Articles Viz: Board of Trade Aquaintancies, and we all had to get along to safely pilot and sail the ship and her cargoes around the oceans of the world. Many colours, many districts of the UK and commonwealth/ It took quite a few corners off ones shoulders, to be able to all pull together. Hell !!! Never mind as a Lanci I held the views of that of a Yorkshireman, play cricket, and then England will be giving home rule to ‘’Yorkshire’’ Remember that MP for Richmond Yorkshire the leader of the conservative party, but never PM?? We have southerners in charge? They do not know how to eat their young? Like us northerners, or is that the ‘’geordies’’.

  2. Paddy Jock TAFF BODJ what an a dream P/J,s over a kilt, in a welsh titfar with a word of wisdom from an ulsterman, while bodily Johnson, collects his thoughts of what to do in Westminster? Propose what? Home rule for Yorkshire? and to celebrate a feast of pease pudding cooked up in the NE of england, or a reign drop or 2 from the NW of England. Who will be crowned next in Westminster??? Lord help us all??

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    A woolie story???
    Corvid-19 and time for those memories, home off school sat with mum and my sisters in the palour, as we pass the time of day with the yearly round of ailments and dieseases { chicken pox. measles etc. mumps?] Watching mum knit, not our nits that was a speciality for the annual visit of the school nit nurse!!!
    Back to mum and her knitting, us hands outsteatched while she wound a yarn of wool into balls. \then mum would Knit fairile pattern, many needles and coloured balls of wool while she with her crafty fingers would enthral us with the pattern of a jumper, as it grew on the needles, first the front, then the back, and then the sleeves to be finally sewn together into a garment for one of us kids.
    Mum taught us all the rudiments of knitting- knit one pearl one, cast on cast off (my later seamans days, but with reference to a ship?) many a pattern mum had in her book, one of my favourite was a cable stitched jumper.
    Then as we kids grew into teenagers, dad bought mum, at her request a home knitting machine [A Knitmaster- i believe]. Here mum did not try to do many complicated patterns but lots of colour, the machine was used as a workhorse to keep us growing kids clothed in school jumpers, and after school jumpers ,; many a plain pattern but with mums eye for colours very eye catching and varied. Mum could knock up a garment in two days finished, with body, welt and cuffs for us ever growing 4 kids.
    In the evenings mum still enjoyed that occasional special knit ware pattern, and could often be seen clicking her needles, in time with Victor Sylvester dance Band hour on the telly–quick, quick, slow and turn!!!
    Good old memories.

  4. Yesterday 21 April 2021 wednesday, was HM The Queen’s 95th Birthday. just wish to add my belated greetings ”Happy Birthday Mam”

  5. it is intriguing what is news in the media this weekend 25 April 2021. No interesting tit bits, or good stories to read and possibly understand!
    I personally feel we as a society have lost our way, with ribald comments, with that odd sense of humour to make one think, what the rest of the world get upto?
    Most of the media is back biting, bitchy and not very enlightening, in these times of self restraint, while we all come to terms with the worldwide pandemic of Corvid_19 and all its derivatives.
    I need to smile and talk be in the company of another human being, outside the confines of my family bubble, and pass a joke or two and have a good giggle!!!

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