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  1. Are you a wallflower, or a violet full of life, or just a lily lying back in the pond? But never mind the scent or aromas are wonderful. You lead us all into a most colourful world?? You old trout? Or is it “”scallywag”” xx

  2. By the way young man, when you are dreaming, do you have prejudices? Do you invite pansy. Or daffodill lovers into your garden of flowers?? Hee! Hee! My seaman,s language springs to mind???
    However i appriciate the real thing and the thoughts of all flowers.. Spring is now well underway and here in our village the apple and cherry blossom is coming into its own, and with that spot of sunshine, it takes me back into memories of my earlier life as a child in Hamburg,, or my sea days and dreaming of seeing mount fugi in real life. Never mind the english roses are with us, for another year? Slightly bedraggled hairstyles[ corvid 19 hairdressers shut] but always a smile on their face, and a glint in the eyes of their very own spring life, many a year ago?? We are all blossoming under the support of extracare, within this village of ours.
    No pansies here only respect and good deeds for one and all! However the gardening committee and its members are planting lots of veg and flora for each of us to enjoy this year, as time passes.

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    again a distant past; visiting relatives aunts uncles grandpa in Crosby, setting off from Leeds! Though the Bradford outskirts past Odsal Top, in those days ground off Bradford Northern Rugby League, then Brickhouse Raistrick, to Huddersfield ‘Outlane’ then over the pennine tops through Nont Sahars, and the moor tops in the summer blessed with all that pink and purple heather in bloom, lovely, and the bracing wind. Then into Lancashire Denshaw, Oldham, Manchester, the east lancs road to Liverpool, past Littlewoods Pools HQ, and the Liverpool ring road, north to Crosby, past, Bootle Waterlloo and the new docks, into Crosby and the relly!!!/ What a pleasant day, and at night on the return journey seeing the Manchester, Oldham lights, as we climbed Nont Sarahs, and then pitch black until we came to the yorkshire side overlooking Huddersfield, Brickhouse and Bradford, again twinkling lights as seen form the pennine tops! then dropping down among them as they lit our way safely home to Leeds. Quite a days outing, with the heather and twinkly lights, somewhat dreamlike-, Christmas???? almost!!!

  4. davidwfreeman237 says:

    does one remember that singer of the 1950,s on BBC TV who sang at the Palladium, and made a hit record of Memories are Made of this? ”Dave;; ???” was his name a most pleasant singer.
    My mind this morning is floating around with thoughts of the motors I have personally known!
    I start with dad as a commercial traveller in bitumen for the area of the NE of england, Yorkshire LIncolnshire, Nottingham, he was given to work in a family car: a ford prefect-green- then a ford consul-red- then a ford consul black, and then the company changed franchise to Rootes and dad was supplied with super Hillman Minx -Green- He had some 3 cars until retirement.
    I then became a young man going to sea as an apprentice engineer cadet. I met Molly her dads family car was a red ford Zepher, in which he took Molly and I out with Mollys family to the yorkshie seaside! Great days!
    Then Molly and I married and molly with her prudential insurance policy bought or first car for the £100 policy pay out- a white 1960.s hillman minx banger, a wonderful time with our young children, Then the next car, but after a time of no car was a red Austin saloon- not a good buy-expensive to run, We the purchased at auction in bawtry a green 1100 austin, princess deluxe, great car and it serverd us well, I then was employed with a car and that was a red ford cortina. WE then had a datsun sunny-green-, followed by a toyota and we stayed with toyota for two cars, and finally today we have a Hyundai saloon. Each car having a memory of the seaside, yorkshire dales, the hills and coast of Ayrshire, and now the family holidays in cornwall,
    As at the beginning a life of family memories wonderful.

  5. davidwfreeman237 says:

    the singer in mind was or went by the name of ”Dave King”

  6. davidwfreeman237 says:

    one of our or my older memories of our cars/bangers was a morris traveller, great fun and while the kids were young room for us all, the pram, cot. toys, picnic basket, great dreams. This dream car was sold in auction in Glasgow for a price above our expectations. Dream on????

  7. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I must not forget our purple grape? Our kids when they started work, and Molly re-entered the employment scene via a Government employment office training scheme for the more mature lady/housewife, we needed a second car as I was working away from hoe during the week: The purple grape was a datsun mica saloon, and it served moll y and the well. Untill Molly and I retired on the same day of the week together..

  8. davidwfreeman237 says:

    today saturday 17 April 2021, I wish to pay my respects, with others to HM The Queen as she, her family and the nation say a a farewell to her husband HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

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