Steps and Stairs – Beware !

A step is a step too far for many older people.  Well it can be when it is a step up or a step down.    Stumbles, tumbles and falls are an everyday hazard of later life.

It is not often the drink that does it, it is more likely to be the rug on the floor that you trip over.   Or the flip flop, flip-flops that make you flop.   Or the step without a handy handrail.   Or the bad lighting.   Or just bad eyesight.   Or a shuffling gate.   Or carrying a tray that obscures your view.   Or a wet bathroom floor.    Or a moment of inattention.    A distraction that leads to an accidental path you never intended to take, off to A&E !

The Homes for Later Living Consortium published a report recently that suggested that over a million older people will visit hospital after a fall.   In fact the number is growing and by 2032 it is expected to be 2.5 million at a cost to the NHS of £2billion  a year.

The Centre for Ageing Better found that making small changes can make homes much safer for older people.   Simple aides and adaptations, like grab rails and ramps, can reduce the incidence of falls.    90% of retired people live and want to remain in their own home, so adapting the houses should be the first step to making life safer.

           A handrail is much cheaper than a hip operation !

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Today I woke up with a POPINJAY,

not literally I might add.

But I don’t know where he came from

and that was sad.


Just a forgotten word in my mind,

lost in the mystery of times past.

Floating to the surface

for one last word.

It’s a dandy man.

or it’s a bird

chased by arrows

through the narrows of my mind.

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LLLP Circus

A few days ago we had the LLLP Clowns, now we have the complete LLLP Circus complete with ninja turtles 🐢🐢🐢🐢.    Bodj has decided to prorogue Parliament, whatever that means?    I think he ment to say cadjole Parliament, but Bodge is not very good at persuading people, especially his own MP’s.     Or perhaps he ment to parole Parliament, i.e. let them out until they are tried for something.

Either way the MP’s have been sent home for five weeks to cool down.   I don’t suppose we will miss them.    And they can do less harm while they are under house arrest 🤡

In the meantime Bodj will be tripping over to Europe with his LLLP special advisers to  conclude a Brexit deal.  

His red lines are that the European Commission must pay Britain £36 billion to leave, erect borders everywhere and stop freedom of movement from anywhere to anywhere.    Only then will we agree to sell them pork pies and Stilton cheese again,   And they are still not  having any of our fish !

Oh, and if they have another war, don’t expect us to come and help.  So there .

Preparations for a No-Deal Brexit are well advanced and  Coco, the new cabinet minister for dogs has stockpiled a years supply of  Pedigree pet food and enough Bonio biscuits for the next three years.

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I just knew that Boris Johnson ( henceforth known as Bodj ) has been reading my Last Laugh Looney Party blogs to pickup ideas of how to run the country.    The trouble is that he has not been reading it very carefully and he has got the wrong end of the political stick🤡

In my post on the 11th August I launched the Last Laugh Looney Party Manifesto for the upcoming election.    Bodj pinched the ideas but, turned them upside down.    Instead of cutting costs he is increasing them !   Silly billy.

Whereas the LLLP was going to have a foreign legion of deported criminals and a children’s airforce squadron of drone fighter pilots, all of of whom were doing it for free, Bodj is planning to spend £ billions on more on generals and air chief marshals and administrators and at least two more soldiers with guns.

But, I know he is copying some ideas, like reducing the number of MP’s, except Bodj is doing it by kicking them out of his own party one at a time 🤡

Bodj has got into the LLLP spirit of things by spending £200 million on buses, that must have been why he was making all those cardboard buses.   They won’t be very good in the rain though 🤡

Best of all Bodj is going to use £30 million protecting turtles 🐢🐢🐢🐢 there will be lots of votes in that idea.   Drenched out of his childhood memories, although Bodj has never really grown up, his new Cabinet will include Leonado, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo.

This new Ninja Cabinet will soon sort out Europe  🤡 !

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Dial-up Dementia

I am a  one-finger typist with a typing speed that could not keep pace with a snail.   I also don’t send, or read, or respond to text messages — it is all double-Dutch to me.    So it was particularly worrying when I read in the press about the  new discovery in  Alaska.

It was announced at the recent Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Conference, so you may have missed it, if you didn’t go this year.   Dissappoingly, it was not about a new gold strike in the Yukon, so hold back the huskies and put away your mine detector.

A research paper was presented that was exciting news but, troubling for one~finger typists everywhere.   A team from Apple and  American health care companies studied the way people use their mobile phones.   They found a correlation between slower typing rates and cognative decline.  Also people send fewer text messages as their memory becomes impaired.     Monitoring these changes would enable Apple to predict early signs of dementia.

I have already enrolled on a touch typing course and I am going to send a text message to Apple every day to let them know I am  OK.

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Redefine Red Wine As Medicine!

Some extremely good news today in the Journal of Gastroenterology, which in future should be compulsory reading in every GP’s surgery.

A research study done at King’s College London of the drinking habits of 3,000 people, found that red wine drinkers have better gut balance between bad and good gut bacteria.      Well my balance has never been good so a few more glasses of the Red wouldn’t go amiss.

Even better they had lower cholesterol and were less likely to be obese.    I could do with losing a  couple of pounds or stones, so I ought to do some serious work on my gut microbiota.    I could get really serious about this healthy living thing thanks to these researchers.

So so now I am off down to The Red Lion to stock up on my polyphenols.   Then I will go straight to my GP surgery to see if I can get a bottle of 1981 Chateauneuf du Pape on prescription.


New Pill Cure-All

My now famous pill popping character, Pilly Galore is at last beginning to influence national policy 😀.    This must be clear evidence that those nice people at NICE – the National Institute for Cancelling Everything – are reading my blogs about Pilly’s exploits.

A report in The Daily Mail on Thursday 22nd August again highlights that “One in 5 pensioners pop 7 pills every day”. This is not news to Pilly and her GP – Doctor Astro Glax in fact they think it grossly understates the pill tsunami that has overtaken the elderly population.    It is hardly surprising when GP’s are paid more for every pill they prescribe and when pharmacies earn more for every pill they sell! There are no incentives to get people off pills quite the reverse.   Pilly is only happy if she gets a new pill each time she sees her superhero Doctor.

There is some good news the very next day, this time on the front page of the Daily Mail – the headline proclaims – “ Four-in-one pill that slashes heart risk “.    It is a study suggesting that a pill combining aspirin, statins and two blood pressure lowering pills could reduce heart attacks and strokes by a third.   It could be given to MILLIONS of older people.

  All in a single pill which is an idea pinched from Milly’s blog and the cartoon below.

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