“Welcome research. Cheers!”

Raise a glass to researchers in Norway, who after seven years’ studying over 5000 people whose average age was 58, reached a conclusion we would all like to toast.  They found that contrary to what you might imagine, drinking moderate amounts of wine can improve thinking skills and even prevent dementia.  Sadly, the same outcome was not true for men.

I am sure this must be wrong.      I will be the first to volunteer to take part in another seven year study if that is what it takes.


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8 Responses to “Welcome research. Cheers!”

  1. Jon Cleaver says:

    Hi John
    Perhaps when researchers in Norway study ‘people,’ in their language this automatically discounts men? So, I’m with you. quite happy to offer my services for a seven year programme, preferably red though.

    Best wishes
    Jon C

  2. david Freeman says:

    John I am in receipt of your recent blogs E.G. Cornflake package when waking up at 4am in a stupor, and about exercise for those in care homes. (This subject exercises my mind as your vision of Extracare and its villages goes some way in part to involve residents as occuppiers and as volunteers to do things for ones neighbour). These 2 bloggs in particular are not on this Grumbles Smiles web site but are sent via the Web page sponsor Blogg at World press. Is this something I have missed or is this an intention of yours to reach a wider audience? I will respond to your Grumbles Smiles but I have to consider Blogg at WordPresss very carefully as to what I enter on or in the blogg. Regards, David F

  3. david freeman says:

    The Norwegians alcohol is expensive to the UK traveller, and in the old days spirits and maybe wine were a black market product. Wives only got to drink on high days and holidays as that was what was left in the family budget after the men drank them selves silly on beer and aquivete. Skoll Hence non drinkers of alcohol live longer, or the liver of the pickled variety in alcohol died younger.

  4. janet pritchard says:

    i am relieved as I love wine!

  5. the vicar says:

    slanngevar proost!

  6. gasbag says:

    Not to be encouraged for women any way. Far too many young girls drink nowadays.
    Bad for old ladies hearts as well.

  7. David Evans, Cardiff. says:

    Having read this a few weeks ago in the interest of research I have had a glass of red wine every day. I am delighted to report no further memory loss since starting the treatment 🙂

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