Re-directed Posts

From some of the early posts I received, it’s quite obvious to me that I haven’t got the navigation around the site to be as simple as I would want.  Some of the people who want to post general comments to me are arriving at the site on the “Home” page and therefore understandably posting their comments under the latest blog heading.  For the time being I will move their posts to the “General” category under the heading of “Re-directed Posts”.

When I can think it through I will come up with some clearer direction on how to navigate around the site.  In the meantime, don’t let this stop you posting comments anywhere and everywhere, but if you have comments on a specific blog there is a separate comments box at the bottom of each individual blog page.

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8 Responses to Re-directed Posts

  1. David W Freeman says:

    John your site has provoked initially may responses from me! I wonder to whom am I talking? Is this a talking shop/a political debating society/ Naggers corner? I wonder if you as controller of the blogg are in fact monitoring the responses and with your infinite wisdom, and many past connections taking aspects of the BLOG seroiously and to an ear that can be bent? Or is this the puropse of this Blog site- I am interested in your response.

  2. David W Freeman says:

    dear oh dear I have made a balls of your web site. I posted all my comment under retirement age! What a chump I hope someone some where can put the appropriate comments under the appropriate heading?

  3. David W Freeman says:

    Hi David, Great to hear from you and I am delighted to have so many interesting comments. Don’t worry about posting them in the wrong place I will relocate them shortly. It tells me that I have not yet made the format clear.
    See you soon
    regards John

  4. David W Freeman says:

    noted with thanks

  5. David Campey says:

    So this is what you are up to, among other things I’ve no doubt? It would seem that whilst the coalition is busy adjusting the retirement age ever upwards, here at ExtraCare the opposite might be true?

    I will be taking early retirement at the end of December at the tender age of not quite 61. Of course it won’t be a ‘real retirement’; that will happen as I exhale my last breath and hopefully a good many active years from now!

    What will occupy me in the next few months is the finding of a new home for me and Marie ( a lovely wife of 37 years) and then a few things to get my teeth into. This will certainly include some initiatives involving the current older generation and the next, before we all realise it is too late and the ‘tipping point’ has come and gone.

    all the best

    David Campey

  6. Alwyn & Sue Preston says:

    We came back from holiday in Devon to find your kind letter. Thanks for that.
    Alwyn has now retired from work, but , as you can imagine, life does not come to a shuddering halt at Larkhill.
    We still run the quiz on Monday nights with Nigel & Diane and celebrated our first anniversary a few weeks ago.
    Talk about little acorns! Week one we had 10 people and now we regularly get about 100 and rising.
    Lonely folks now have lots of friends, with teams of up to 15 or so and they give us plenty of good humoured stick!
    No prizes, everyone’s a winner!
    Sue does handwaxing, befriending, amongst other things and we both supervise in the gym.
    Alwyn has joined the drama group and they have put on two very successful productions with rehearsals for the third now in full swing.
    The garden club, of which Sue is a member, has just swept the board of prizes in the Extracare ‘Village on Bloom’ competition.
    We have now received full planning permission for the summer house and the foundations are due to be completed in the next few weeks.
    The intention is to get the building prefabbed over the winter and construct it in the spring of 2011.
    So time to prepare your speech!!!
    We have just constructed 18 superb park benches in the woodwork shop and these are now distributed around the village.
    Oh, yes! Sometimes Sue & I actually get to see each other and have a conversation.
    No time to get bored in this place!
    Anyway, can’t waste anymore time chatting to you! Things to do, places to go!
    Please keep in touch.
    Very best regards to you and your family
    Susan & Alwyn.

  7. ann & molly says:

    found you first time!very interesting reading, I shall enjoy still being able to banter with you!!! have missed your smiling face!I am not really up to speed with this blogginglark!!

    • john graham says:

      You should do well with this site. Grumbling seems to come naturally to you 🙂 Don’t forget to find some smiles from Molly – she does that wonderfully well.
      Your years of nursing knowledge will bring invaluable expertise in commenting on many of the topics. As will all your more recent first hand experiences of the NHS.

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