“Grumbling American Style”

I was surfing around blog sites relevant to older people last night looking for someone with interesting insights into ageing.  As usual most of the things I found were excessively academic articles on gerontology which speak of everyday issues in such highfalutin terms that I quickly lose interest in what they’re trying to say.  The other blogs on ageing, all seem to have a commercial edge and are full of adverts promoting everything from:-

  • wrinkle cream to cosmetic surgery through to dating for seniors;
  • mobility aids to recliner chairs to stair lifts;
  • home delivery ready meals to retirement homes;
  • health cures from the credible to the incredible;
  • pension plans to funeral plans;

Finally I did come across a blog which I think you might find interesting.  “The problem with young people today” is a blog by Don Mills which you can find at http://crabbyoldfart.wordpress.com   which is an incredibly humorous grumbling site.  Many of the issues Don comments on, are probably just as applicable to the UK and fit perfectly into the grumbling image of old people – but with a big smile.

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1 Response to “Grumbling American Style”

  1. John it reminds me of the BBC programmes on BBCTV2 about ??Grumblely Old people men and women which ran some time ago?? The site you refer to is quite absorbing and one has to have a broad mind and be quite a lateral thinker about this ‘American gent’, I hope to go back and enjoy a little more.

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