“Plastic Fantastic”

A recent article in the Daily Mail on the 15th August 2011, reported on an 83-year-old lady in America who caused quite a stir in the medical establishment when she decided to have breast implants.

This really had me in a quandary, because generally, most people and I include myself,  tend to frown on the idea of plastic surgery purely for cosmetic sake. 

 Isn’t it just the domain of the rich, the famous and the vain?

As our population ages, more and more women are opting to improve their appearance through cosmetic surgery.  In America it is a growth industry – 84,000 such procedures were performed last year – on face lifts,  eyelids  and breast operations.

The medical profession is divided about the ethics and clinical wisdom of such operations on the elderly.

  Meanwhile, Mrs Kolstad, who still works full-time at the age of 83, just wants to be noticed.  I’m sure she has been made aware of the risks of an operation like this at her time of life and as she lives in America she will definitely be paying for the privilege.  She sounds very much like a lady who is more than capable of making up her own mind. 

 Bigger boobs is certainly one way of combating ageism and turning grumbles 😦 into smiles 🙂

Good on you Mrs Kolstad !

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1 Response to “Plastic Fantastic”

  1. I do not know how to encourage you in your quest for a smile or smirk? But I do note from your piece you admire the ladies still, and admire a trim but fuller figure. What about the male population, you have for me tranformed a grimmace into a grin! But at what cost you are agist, sexist and all the other IST’s I can think off. I have no hair on my head, no teeth in mouth, a wooden leg and a glass eye? What do you say to that Old Boy? It is a good job this blogg has no room for a picture-(only those painted with words?). What do you look like? Thin , fat, rotund, cuddly or do you have a desire for the knife? Other than to eat with? I cannot grumble for laughing at my images of you? If only I could place you next to your MOL with her Boobs? What a job this is for my imagination? Good On Yer Cobber!!! Fair dinkum!!

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