“Welcome Research – Cheers ” 2

Almost a year ago, I wrote about research in Norway which suggested that moderate drinking of wine every day  (oops! I might have added “every day” myself)  can improve thinking skills and may even prevent dementia   🙂 .

BUT    not for men    😦  .

Ever since,  I have been trying to prove this appalling dishcrimination againsht men wrong.    So far, so good,  it has been working,  I haven’t ffforgotten once to have a drink and I remember lots of fhings.

Now the good news.  Researchers at Loyola University in Chicago have done a study of studies on the effect of drinking among 365,000 people.  They concluded that moderate drinking can protect against dementia,  possibly as a result of better blood flow to the brain.    They claim that moderate drinkers were 23% less likely to suffer mental decline.

Interestingly, their definition of “moderate drinking” was 1 or 2 glasses a day.

Sooh,    I am obvioushly     not drinking     enuf

P.S.   Another review by “The International Scientific Forum on Alcohol” which is sponsored by the drinks industry in America concluded the schame FHING!    And they can’t possably be influenced by drink can they !

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2 Responses to “Welcome Research – Cheers ” 2

  1. Jon Cleaver says:

    Having been an ardent fan of anything nice that promotes happiness and wellbeing? For many years the red liquid I have been asked?…Forced?…nurtured?… or just influenced by the advertising of what it can, will or will not do, to this body of mine, has presented me with a lifelong ambition to prove the attributes and benefits or the downside of this centuries old Monk founded medicine oops! Happiness inducing falling down water that can cause broken limbs, or put you in a state of hallucinating happiness, where the world really is rose tinted; on the other hand you could be lying flat out fast asleep with a smile on your face.

    The trouble occurs on waking, massive head ache, feeling dead, but alive, leaving the movement of the head about two seconds behind on turning, can’t seem to stand or walk, crawling your way to the toilet!!

    It is only at this point, you question the wisdom of why you ventured into this experiment in the first place.

    AH well…. Everything in moderation A……

  2. In Norway I remember the Christmas brew, a special falle over water/beer at a moderate Norwegian Kroner which was or did contain extra potency. I think it help one enjoy the season, and to the locals The long nights of darkness. Like John Cleave I have to remeber not who I am but where oh where is the gents. I am reaching not that delicate age of lost memory but time for the body to convey me to the abolutions without an accident. Youth Oh Youth where for art thou?

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