“Mediterranean Reflections”

This is the start of a series of blogs about a summer cruise through the Mediterranean – somewhere I have visited quite a lot during my life.  This is not a travel log, there are better sites for that, nor is it a diary.  It is just what seemed to me to be different as the years have passed.

In the embarkation lounge what struck me first was the average age of the passengers.  It must have been 75 judging by the walking sticks, Zimmer frames, wheelchairs and mobility scooters.  Good for them – I always said “age is no barrier to achievement”.

Setting out from Southampton, nothing much to report just four days at sea before we reach land.  No relatives waving goodbye from the pier.  No Falkland Island brass band farewells.  Just a photographer who will smile for us as we board and charge us 25 dollars for the photo in a paper frame.

Goodbye to two weeks watching the Olympics — the antiquarian Olympics start here!

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