Social Care – What’s Next ?

My last blog looked at the fundamental problems behind the crisis in social care for older people.   Now let’s look at the political parties election promises of how to address it.

All the opposition party’s ignore the big picture and focus on the short term issue of capturing the senior generations vote.       Their common solution is to reaffirm their intention of keeping the triple lock on pensions, which ensures pensions will rise by the increase in either wages, prices or 2.5%;  whichever is the greater.    This does little to help the poorest pensioners and nothing to address the issues of poor quality care.

The Conservative Party did at least try to grasp the nettle.   By proposing that home owners use the value of their house to pay for care, which is some thing I have long advocated.     They also extended care funding to include domicillary care and raised the means test entitlement from  £23,500 to £100,000.     However, the details of the policy were not properly thought through and were greeted with a backlash of negative press headlines.     Belatedly the Prime Minister announced there would be a cap on the total costs, but with no indication of how much that would be.        What a mess !

On average people live in residual care for under three years, so might have to pay upto two years of costs themselves, say around £60,000.    A cap above that would prevent them from paying the catastrophic costs of a long term illness.     Hopefully the insurance industry could be encouraged to cover the intervening £60,000.

Sadly, none of this addresses the quality issues in social care nor the forthcoming dramatic rise in the population of older elderly.    Once again the issue has been ducked, because politicians don’t want to lose votes by giving people bad news and older people don’t want to face up to the fact that they may not have saved nearly enough for care if they need it.


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8 Responses to Social Care – What’s Next ?

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    ones maker awaits, the head is ours all of us, the heart is mine? Can I see you and me and the pitfalls of a wrong or ill-advised choice?.
    I need a cap to fit this head of mine?:However inflation may be the devil that has the detail, and do we have to vote again within 5 years??

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I sat with bated breath, and had a gasp or two at Last nights channel 4 TV broadcast of political correctness and electioneering, between the selected audience, Jeremy Paxmax and the politicians Mr Corbyn and Mrs May, I was intrigued, and made a few mental notes.
    On the stage or should I say in the arena of political interviews for somewhat personal reasons I prefer Mr Andrew Niel of the BBC, and I have been, and hope to be continual enlightened as the election day draws near, with Mr Niel’s adroit assessment of the ”Politic’ UK Plc.
    As all of you I have a mind, heart and a vote, I trust we are all hoping for a little truth, and lots of comfort from the democratic decision we about about to embarked upon?

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Again i was intrigued by the bbc election TV coverage From Cambridge. I was and still am bemused as to what a caring society, economically balanced and justifiable can project policies with responsibility that do not hold our children’s future feet to the fire of irresponsibility. The answer was some where in the middle, and what alliance the SNP reveal in a hung parliament could be very interesting, as they were the only party to offer creditable opposition views to The Conservatives, Are we one UKPlc or a separate collection of Nations within the UKplc?.

  4. Just a bleather about old age and the web? I find the use of the web very useful, quick and direct: However I am on my website/apps and web provider find that I am continually bombarded with uninvited sales trivia, and promotional material? Even by the providers of so call healthy and secure web viewings? I am perplexed, and I realize I can deselect the unwanted information by promotions; however in my home on my laptop or in the IT suite, I feel annoyed and unclean, by this continual bombardment!!.
    It is I realize a feature of this modern world: however I wish to communicate with those whom I invite on my web page and not the world at large?? I have to take on these ‘carpet baggers” and ‘snake oil salesmen’ I feel frustrated, very frustrated., and annoyed.

    • John says:

      I like this comment and know exactly what you mean. Advertising on the web is a whole new form of invasion of your mind. I guess it is the price you pay for the internet being free. But it remains a pain and you have to be a master geek to filter out all the extraneous rubbish that comes your way.
      I think this is a worthwhile thread to follow. At the risk of upsetting some of these unwelcome souls. How would you like to kick it off with some examples of the “trivia” you get.
      Send me an email and I will publish it in the next few weeks after the election frenzie is over.

  5. davidwfreeman says:

    Will do! I am negotiating my postal vote as from Monday, I am on Holiday for 10 days in the Italian Lakes [a holiday bought and paid for by our children as recognition of or last years ‘Golden Wedding Anniversary] ‘Just more more corneto’ or how the songs goes?

  6. davidwfreeman says:

    Back to the who ah! of the day-The election- I watched Mrs May and Mr Corbyn in their presentation of the ‘FACTS’ of what they believe in they or their party can promote.
    I was impressed, this was a BBC Question Time special. last night.
    I remain still confused Mrs May has permitted other conservative members to answer on some of the previous debates.
    While Mr Corbyn and the Labour Party appear to have no one else of free spirit able to speak, and with an independent thought, but for free gratis to all sections of the UKplc population.
    I trust the result or outcome on polling day may be interesting to us all, and a possible HUng Parliament with Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland voters holding the politicians feet to the fire?? in Westminister.

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