Election Overload.

At the moment in the run up to the snap General Election we are being assailed from all sides by politicians in the newspapers and on tele with sound bite slogans.   Then sometimes on soap boxes at carefully selected venues with a wallpaper background audience of nodding supporters.

Following their every move, we have a feeding frenzy of journalists latching on to every word and attempting to translate what the politicians said, into what they think they really mean.

Next come the pollsters, unable to wait for the election itself.     Ever eager to analyse what people think, before they think.      Illuminating us with  endless insights, which will probably be wrong according to the next poll.

Lastly we have the junk mail.    Pictures of politicians shaking hands and smiling.   Promising anything you want.   All at no cost to you !    In fact you will probably get money back !    And a free pen and a sticker for your window.   Any thing that might get your vote.

This is definitely the era of ” Twitter Politics “.    140 characters of misinformation.    One minute wisdom.    All to enable us to navigate through the next five years.

The LAST LAUGH LOONEY PARTY looks more attractive every day 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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1 Response to Election Overload.

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I am still looking for our local Last Laugh loony party parliamentary candidate- Maybe I should have put my hat in the ring?
    But then I still have my vote, voice, and maybe the last laugh, as we all struggle to make sense of this ‘TWITTER/Facebook” election, with appropriate sound bites??
    But then I can ”’smile and grumble”?

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