Learn to Love Clutter ?

Maybe there is an alternative to continuously unsuccessfully de-cluttering.    Perhaps I should become a hoarder and completely reverse my thinking about clutter ?

Become a collector of EVERYTHING 😀😀😀😀😀🤡

Starting with SOCKS.   Why not, it is as good a place to begin as any other and I have a drawer full already to get me started.

Then I could move on to CUSHIONS,  you can never have too many cushions !    Scatter cushions everywhere and you can be reassured that when you keep tripping over them you will have a soft landing.   More cushions for everyone could save the NHS millions !   They should be on everyone’s next prescription.

PAPER.   Now there’s a thing to easily collect.   It comes through the letter box every day.  No longer think of it as junk mail, just something to add to your collection.    One day it may become valuable and think of all the post people you are keeping in work.   Forget about the trees in the Amazon rain forest.

BOOKS are another overwhelming thing.   Once you have read them you are unlikely to read them again, but why throw them away.   Stack them on shelves so they can gather dust.    Or use a few of them to level up uneven table legs.    They will also help to insulate you outside walls which should save on your heating bills.

In just a few decades your house could become a museum and you could charge people to come and view your junk 😀    Or you could apply for planning permission for your house to become an antique shop.

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1 Response to Learn to Love Clutter ?

  1. hello! Hello! evening all! what is this then? My mind ? yes my mind at a tender age into dotage, is full of clutter, and memories of people, places, and events with family and friends, with whom I have enjoyed moments of happiness and sorrow.
    It is a lifetime, and maybe I reflect life in a photograph, a book, or that favourite cushion- looking for my ”teddy” of my younger days or just dream, and if I believe it all comes to life, Mum, Dad, siblings, children, grandchildren, cousins, aunties and uncles, and then in the past my own grand parents.
    Where do I put them all, on a shelf, freshly dusted, or just behind another ‘cobweb’ of life, in the corner of my sitting room/bedroom/kitchen and else where such as the garden/public park, sledging/picnicking, and other pursuits, or my /our younger days as first married couple travelling the world, within our own? on board a british merchant tanker ploughing the high seas.
    The whole house is a memory, or collection of memories, some happy some sad, but certainly not a museum of what or who myself and family are???
    It is and has been a walk through life!

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