Happy New Year!

I obviously had a moment of de-cluttering breakdown with my last post “Learn to Love Clutter”.   It’s not a strategy that will ever work for me.

Seems  like almost a year has gone by since my heroic efforts at de-cluttering fizzled out.   I ran out of steam, but sadly I didn’t run out of clutter.   (See all my earlier efforts by clicking on “Clutter” in the Tag Cloud).

Now that the days have already closed in, I need a new project for the indoor winter months.    I won’t let this clutter mound beat me and I have yet another idea of how I might get on top of it.

How do you eat an elephant ?      Answer…….. One bite at a time !

So my project for 2019 is to De-Clutter one thing a day every day for a year.    Three hundred and sixty-five things less should make a hole in the clutter and one thing at a time shouldn’t be too difficult.

There again what do you do when you have close to 365 socks with no feet to walk in ….and 365 shirts hanging lifelessly on a wardrobe rail unworn for another year ……and 365 bits of important papers piling up in the office waiting to be filed …….and 365 ties untied, longing for a meeting or a day out ……and 365 plantless pots in the garden sheds ……  and 365 books read and unread  ……….and 365 photographs waiting for an album ……and 365 of so much more unused, days-over, dust gathering, nobody loves me former treasures?

I will write a progress blog report every week using my new Clutter Elephant logo.   That should keep me under pressure to continue de-cluttering.

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4 Responses to DeClutter-A-Day

  1. Puffing billy
    Dear oh dear! You have taken me back to my youth, and the ‘Wonder Book of Railways’ and the story of ‘Puffing Billy’ and the comments made by the locals at that time, a dragon of fire, a noisy beast, and lots of puffing smoke in time to the piston strokes, as the ‘beast moved a long its rails with its precious cargo of coal, and men wearily stoking its belly with fuel?
    Where do I go? I have got 356 days of admiring, commenting on and then maybe a groan or two or three of just praying to ‘my god’ when will it all end.
    I am unsure, is MO carefully reading this article? Or is she looking into this articles eye, with a glint, and steely look. I can see the darning needle out for the 356 pairs of socks, the ironing board out for the 356 shirts of various designs and pattern, and then you innocent sir with your 356 plant pots and books- ducking as each missile is hurled towards one with love and affection, and that occasional oath or word of ‘LOVE’?
    As for the photograph, how do you photograph a ‘ghost’ or ‘elephant in the room’? Only you love your treasures, and memories, But hey! Never mind, we all love you and as we know you,”” That bag of wind”” that is the ‘Puffing Billy’? A very happy new year to you and MO.

    • john graham says:

      Thanks David for your encouragement? Also for your words of warning about Mo’s overseeing eyes. She is as ever constantly seeking to add to the clutter faster than I can dispose of it 🙂

  2. iglengel says:

    Love the concept of one item a day and especially love the elephant. Hmm, perhaps you are on to something as we, too, have to de-clutter. Very interesting!

    • john graham says:

      I am glad you like the idea Irwin. Let’s hope I can follow throug with real action. Watch out for my updates. You could always try to beat me to the draw. Let me know how you get on🤠

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