Eating the Clutter Elephant

  • This is my first progress report on my 2019 decluttering plan.  The first thing to say is as of yet I haven’t decluttered anything but I need to start out with a strategy and a plan.  So here goes:-c


  • We only need a maximum of one years supply of anything;
  • But, we don’t need a years supply of everything;
  • Nothing should remain in a box for more than one year;
  • That will give us lots of storage space and lots of boxes to throw away;
  • Then we will have more space in the home.


  • Empty wardrobe boxes of clothes not worn for a year;
  • Turn around winter / summer wardrobe, taking stuff off rails and into empty boxes;
  • Give away clothes not used in the last year to charity shop;
  • Throw last years’ paperwork away, one file at a time;
  • File in-tray paperwork into now emptied files;
  • Burn old bank paperwork and invoices.
  • Throw yesterdays papers away TODAY



1 am obviously better at talking about it than doing it.   Still I have a chance of catching up in the next few weeks

P. S.    I have got rid of all the Christmas wrapping paper and a heap of cardboard before it had time to become clutter.   That’s ‘preventative de-cluttering’ I suppose.

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4 Responses to Eating the Clutter Elephant

  1. Hello again! I see ”Puff the Magic Dragon” is here again? Yeah Gods! what have we done? we just read and inwardly DIGEST the many and varied suggestions being propositioned.
    I must go back to my youth, that I remember, and my early school days.– Rationing for food, furniture, food, paints and wall paper for decorating were limited in choice {One was a Canadian washable paper, with red Indians and mounties, and a few more?}.
    Aunties, uncles, grand parents and the advice given: remember one has three sets of clothing if one was fortunate e.g. one week day clothes-[undies were turned back to front and then inside out] this was for Monday to Saturday , and then one set of Sunday best, for church, birth deaths and funerals, and visiting. Then the other set was in the wash. ready for washday Monday!!
    Holidays was or could be a treat, new light clothing, and undies and a swim costume one was allowed /permitted to ditch that school uniform.
    At this period shoes and footwear was at a premium, one good pair of fitting shoes, worn until holier than thou!!
    Food was presented at mealtimes if uneaten, presented next mealtime fried/cold/jellied or just all mixed up, and one had to go hungry, if one was strong willed enough. That was the late 40’s early 50’s,
    So clutter is a luxury, but a lovely pastime as one relishes that occasion after rationing finished, when one could buy what one could afford, but free of coupons, and discard the old for the new.
    I have one bit of news for the reader! Molly, my loved one states to me quite forcibly, that I am the biggest culprit of ”Clutter” as I leave a trail of destruction behind me, and that I should be commiserate towards John, not critical.
    It is all in the words and those precious memories!!!! Maybe????

  2. iglengel says:

    I have managed to rid myself of some paperwork in my office but unfortunately I am married to a woman that does not know the meaning of the phrase “throw something out.” The fact that I have been fighting this battle for going on 56 years now tells me that you will declutter faster than I will no matter how slow you go! 😦

  3. where is the dust? When one removes all that clutter,from the shelves, cupboards, floors and draws,within in a space? and off course not forgetting the garage/shed. Does The lowly memsahib have to be creative with a hover, dust pan and brush and a can of polish and duster, unless the men creating this clutter are willing to get onto their knees, and clean up, or is it ‘PRAY’ to the female sex for help, I just wonder???

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