BOGJ’s Grand Financial Plan

This is the next step in BODJ’s GRAND PLAN. It’s all about the money, which has never been Boris’s strong point. Rushi has been spending it like water and now he has run up £trillions of deb, he has become more popular than anyone.

Boris needs to rescue the Nation from over ambitious politicians and become the most popular one again. So he has come up with his own financial rescue plan. It is all his own work. His very original thoughts. He should have all the credit. Or is that debit? Boris is not quite sure which is which.

Magic money tree

Before spending anymore Bodj thinks it is best to save a few Bob, although this is definitely not another austerity plan. Here are the first steps to a GRAND, recovery, levelling-up, building up better, global Britain plan :-

  • Scrap HS2. Nobody wants to go to London anymore.
  • Scrap Heathrow’s 4th runway. Nobody wants to fly anymore.
  • Scrap the new Royal Yacht. Commandeer Phillip Green’s to cover an unpaid tax bill.
  • Scrap the BBC grant and the license fee. That’ll teach them!
  • Scrap the House of Lards. That will sort them out and save a fortune in expenses.
  • Scrap the Regional Governments. Boris can decide everything for everyone.
  • Close 50% of all Civil Service departments overnight and the rest of the staff can continue to work from home or MacDonalds if they need to be public facing. Selling off all the offices will save £trillions.
  • Close down 50% of prisons and release all criminals not guilty of violent crimes or drug offences. They will be tagged and dressed in pink tutu’s so they can serve out their sentences as apple pickers, potato pickers, fruit pickers and in the winter rubbish pickers. They will have to camp in tents wherever they work.

THAT’S BODJS GRAND FINANCIAL PLAN , for now, which should save a few Bob. Until he has another great idea 🤡

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2 Responses to BOGJ’s Grand Financial Plan

  1. I see it is the ‘Ragamuffin’s Society’ to represent the LLLP on this subject, of finance planning? My pocket money will not stretch as far as required, I have a 1d for a chew-Strawberry flavoured, and a a 1d for two 1/2d gobstoppers. That my thinking on these erudite matters of financial affairs- Iam away with the fairies, or is that the politicians of the day, with a white shaggy hair do, and a wand to command many a wish!!!
    Hs2;hethrow;;regional governments; Civil Service ;Prisons, cause me concern, and with ‘CORVID-19, we are all staying at home, in lockdown, so we just have to dream, what could have been, and the freedom of travel.-The new royal have have to be a little more circumspect about, is it also to be like BRITANNIA a military Hospital ship by any other time, for times of distress for the UK and her armed forces, or a more humane ideology.
    All this joyous cavorting with the UK budget, caused me to delve into HMG Papers from the Treasury for 2021 and the projected costs for 2022. Sobering some 638 pages long, of facts, figures and various tables! The main information I was to note was that the UK budget expectations for 2022 from 2021 was an overall cutting of budgetary costs, and a paring back on or within most government departments,. One of the more novel tables was one entitles @At Arms Length@ in most of the departments listed.– The funny ones???
    I did manage to read the Government/conservative March 2021 Budget, it was one of joy, just more spending, without responsibility???? When read against the Treasury Documents for the year 2021 to 2022,
    I must now spend the last of my pocket money now: I have a one penny left from my thrupenny weekly income, and that goes in the penny slot off the WC, to flush away all this detritus

  2. The ‘Daily Rag’ is full today, of BODJ’s policies, and with John mentioning the cutting of the hs2 budget, and there are no future trains to LEEDS? One has to rely on KINGS CROSS for the important wonderland kingdoms in LEEDS the Department of Foreign Investment/banking, and then that hard working office of the Northern Treasury in Darlington, all most Georgie land?? or is it RICHmond when ;DISHY RISHY; the RT. Hon. represents the constituency, it is all in the media, to be imbedded in the mind.??????

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