Seafood on the menu

Hospital food has a bad reputation – often but not always justified.  Good food can be a great uplift to your spirits when you most need it, as well as the obvious nutritional benefits to recovering health.

So the latest idea to come from Reading University research could lead us to a new era of corden bleu food in hospitals.

Seaweed could be the latest ingredient on the menu; apparently it adds flavour.  Sounds like a hard sell but perhaps a trial in Wales may be a good place to start.  Lava bread has been a “delicacy” for years, although I can’t say I have tried it.

What will they think of next ?

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1 Response to Seafood on the menu

  1. Murial Dodd , Liverpool says:

    The food in our local hospital is very good, although you do not always feel like eating when your poorly. Can’t say I’d like to eat seaweed even if it is supposed to be good for me.
    We are not far from Wales and I have visited the north coast many times, but I don’t ever remember seeing lava bread.

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