Times – they are a changing

Back in the late 60’s when the baby boomers had only just begun to boom, I can recall going to a rock concert in Hyde Park.  The hugely successful rock group – Cream were playing unbelievably loud music to a raucous audience of rockers and hippies.  Eric Clapton on piercing lead guitar, Jack Bruce driving an metranomic rhythm on bass guitar and Ginger Baker imperiously pounding his drum kit.  Shoulder length hair swung around by wild dancing adoring fans fueled by drink and youthful energy.

How things have changed in 40 years.  Now I can go to Hyde Park and play in Westminster City Council’s new senior playground.  It has simple equipment which provides gentle exercise for the over 60’s.

Haven’t they misread the market or is this just outrageous ageism?

If The Stones, The Who and Rod Stewart are still touring, surely their fans can follow them too, although maybe an army of baby boomer fans might not be the market they are trying to appeal to.  Perhaps we should quietly slip into our slippers and recline in our deckchairs in Hyde Park instead.

If Westminster Council want older people to exercise more, how about a weekly rave in Hyde Park especially for older people.  Bring back all those early rock fans.  Recreate the Roundhouse, the Isle of White Festival.  Bring a Woodstock Revival to the UK.

Surely they can do better than six bits of exercise equipment for the elderly population of the whole of London?


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