“Bus Pass bust up”

The Government budget cuts are now under discussion and in a classic piece of political toe-in-the-water “sounding out” the Department of Transport has leaked that free bus passes for the elderly may be scrapped.  The trouble with this approach is that it scares lots of pensioners and immediately polarises discussion, before any sensible consultation has taken place.

Let’s start with some free bus pass facts:-

         60 is the age men and women qualify

         11 million disabled and old people qualify

         £1 billion is the cost of the scheme

 What are the options ? :-

1.  Scrap altogether (save £1 billion) –

Strands many at home and increases social isolation.

2.  Only keep for poorest –

How do you and where is limit – £10,000; £20,000; £50,000

3.  Only keep for registered disabled –

A system exists already

4.  No change

Leaves open argument of favourable to elderly

“Free bus passes for millionaires” – “silver bus surfers”

 Questions which need to be answered:-

? What is actual usage

? Do wealthy pensioners use bus anyway

? Gets cars off the road – greener (Green Party)

? Is it just a way of subsidising public transport

? How much would fares rise if no subsidy for elderly

? How many pensioners would stop low paid work if no free   bus pass

? How many pensioners would stop volunteering if no free bus pass

? Pensioners mainly travel off peak so is there a “real saving”


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1 Response to “Bus Pass bust up”

  1. david evans says:

    No car anymore. Can’t walk far. Now no bus pass.

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