“What’s a Photo Biologist”

By now we are all well aware that being outside in too much sun causes wrinkles.  Slap on at least factor 30 sunscreen before you read any further!  Apparently some photo biologist researchers in France have shown that the sun’s rays, even through glass, can double the increase in skin ageing.  They found that office workers who sat next to windows had significantly more wrinkles on the side of their face closest to the window.  All you need to get an even tan would be a swivel chair and a second desk. 

The researchers also studied car drivers and found that they had more signs of skin damage on one side of their faces.  Perhaps the French should have two cars – one left-hand drive and one right-hand drive – then they can get an even tan.

Alternatively, at a time when the French have been contemplating banning the Burka, perhaps they should be requiring all French drivers and window-hugging office workers to wear Burka’s on grounds of health and safety.

Not to be outshone in the UK, some researchers at Lancaster University found that even on autumn days UVA radiation can lead to premature ageing of the skin.  An eminent Professor or Photobiology said 90% of visible signs of ageing are due to the sun’s rays.  It must have taken years of study in expensive beach locations in the Maldives and the Caribbean to figure that one out!  Still it makes up for a good chat up line – “excuse me, do you mind if I stare at you in your bikini, I am a Photo Biologist?”

P.s. this research is published by Boots who happen to be introducing a new line in sun protection.

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2 Responses to “What’s a Photo Biologist”

  1. David Evans, Cardiff says:

    I am retired but have always had a keen interest in photography. Given that the statuatary retirement age seems to be advancing faster than my birthdays I wonder if it is too late to get a government grant to retrain as a photobiolgist 🙂 ???
    I would welcome more time studying birds in far off places.

  2. Capital 237 says:

    It reminds me of being a young engineer clearing out and cleaning out lube oil and fuel oil seperators in the engine room! One always had a dark tan up to the shoulders as one cleaned out these machines with cotton waste and oily rags. Not a tan but a greasy oil tide mark. What I would have given to see a bikinis line on an early morning watch in this diesel fummed engine space. Good on yer BOoTs, at least you are dreaming, the birds well they were arabian S–thawks that followed the ship as she entered port- I have now woken up??? What a pity.

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