“Pop memories dashed”

One of my earliest childhood memories was the excitement of looking up the street every Thursday to see when the Corona pop man was coming, bringing my weekly treat – a bottle of pop. In fact a whole crate – 4 bottles – bright yellow lemonade not like the cloudy white colour you get now – sweet red cherryade – the mystically named dandelion and burdock and the fizziest of all orangeade.  You had to be good for the week before you get it, but I rarely missed.  That pop must be responsible for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

Only now sixty years later, do I find my memories dashed.  Research at Harvard University suggests that pop can accelerate ageing.  Maybe I am only 40 after all.

Apparently too much pop can lead to wrinkles and even worse, damage to heart and kidneys.  I don’t remember there being any warning on the bottle, perhaps I could sue the Corona pop man!

How many more happy memories will be dashed?

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1 Response to “Pop memories dashed”

  1. Jon Cleaver says:

    Hi John
    With health and safety now round every corner we turn, and, vested interests either for or against a product depending on how much money is invested, is the problem in my view? Those with the most to spend will try buying their way to our hearts. Me, I just keep eating and drinking, as is my want; everything in moderation. So, will I drink pop? Yes, but I prefer red wine.

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