“Reflection on Blogging”

Q1  Why am I blogging?

  • I have something to say about all things “elderly”
  • Writing can be therapeutic
      • Fun when it flows easily – a topic that fires my imagination
      • Frustrating when on an important issue – the simple concepts won’t come to mind
  • It’s an opportunity to work with Tom (son) and to capture his irreverent sense of humour and his talented artistic expression which needs and deserves an outlet.
  • It’s a new career which I could still be pursuing in a bathchair in my garden in my 90’s.

Q2  What should I be blogging about?

  • Social policy is where I started but it is a complex subject riddled with interactions.  There are no black and white issues.  Shades of grey and nuance are not for twittering. 
      • I am looking for more of a discussion than to be building definitive statements.  Assertion is my most natural style, but in blogging I am more aiming to provoke thought in others and influence outcomes.  
      • So far my “subscriber comments” have been few and far between.  Although their views have added real colour and valuable insight.  One regular and frequent commentator has become my “expert at large”.
  • The second group of issues I stumbled upon are the everyday issues of getting old – pills, print and packaging.  Fun topics with serious marketing implications.  
      • The market is not age-friendly and marketeers are blind to the lost opportunities before them.
  • Finally, as I am doing right now, the time-out chance to listen, read, observe and reflect on anything and everything but still with a view to finding the elusive wisdom and poetry of ageing.

Q3  Where do I want the blog to go in the long-term?  i.e. what is the vision?

  • Longer term I would like the blog to be a place to go to, to find a valued opinion on all things elderly
  • I don’t know whether this is a 3-year or 30-year project, but there is no business plan so the journey should be exciting – like exploration and discovery.
  • Essential to have a strong element of older people involvement and leadership.
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4 Responses to “Reflection on Blogging”

  1. vicar says:

    very irrudite comments, I can add little, but I do enjoy the banter, and the real issues. We the elderly do have a voice and more importantly a vote, so while we may be on the periphary of society we are not yet unthinking or uncaring of our own and fellow old persons plight. The Coalition government have a tricky horse to ride, and I trust the elderly will be encouraged to air their views and opinions. Like a wheel things go round and round, and as if on a carosel we have seen some of the rides before in earlier life: However if we add wisdom without rancour the new world may be a better place for all concerned.

  2. Jon Cleaver says:

    One 100% behind you on this John.

    Jon C

  3. i am now roaming the ether, for a little inspiration. As you say a good blether or chinwag does one good on a blogg site with friends and fellow followers.
    My wife and I have just returned from an 80th. Birthday Celebration with Maureen, who invited us on the Orient Express (A Trip around Kent with a stop a Whitstable for ‘Oysters’). The whole day was most memorable, and Maureen was Queen of the May (Her day entirely).
    This brought back many pleasant and heart warming experiences with John Graham at the start of his launching of the Extracare Villages in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Hereford and Glouster. Today there are many more Retirement Villages: However the enjoyment comaradary and fun in joining in has not left myself or my wife Molly. The horizons Extracare Opened up when one thinks about life are endless, and very often the pleasure is sharing in someone elses enjoyment and happy times.
    Calvert-Orient express-norfolk Tank driving-skydiving-sailing the greek islands-australia Olympic games/Commonwealth games- a brolly walk- achristmas get together at Symphony Hall, Birmingham,-Blooming Britain at gardens in Stoke on Trent, and many days and evenings entertainment self provided and driven, of entertained by professionals. The combinations are endless, especially if one subscribes and volunteers from time to time. One has to pace ones self and live by ones budget, and the time one may give to others, and the ability to do so,: However the rewards of others and yourself dipping, ducking and diving and arranging many activities helps lift the human spirit to consider what each of us would wish for us as individuals living in or as a community in an Extracare Retirement Village.

  4. Hello! are you listening, or blogging, or indeed watching your screen, I wonder? This past two weeks I have become aware of a road show dealing with the new care act 2014/15?. The subtle changes in health and welfare for the elderly in the UK makes me think and think hard!
    I just wonder when the retirement Village concept was concieved, has this come to fuition, or have we if we are possible residents in a retirement village or residential home to become more aware of the social and political surrounds that envelope modern life?
    I am at a loss, but not with out a mind, and I wish to guide my future within my capabilities and finances(Which are Tight), to some point where I can accept the outcomes and rest easy.
    AS with all legislation it is not the good intentions that are the problems, but what the scallywags and LAGS of this world interprut what is correct. Dare I mention the UK local council authories: They apppear to be given the budets and power of provision of life in old age with the resposibilty. THis scares me a little, and what is the minimum standard, that they may consider and implement. It is all down to the green dollar and what one can do with it? Ones income/pension is being nibbled at from all directions, and the ‘Thought police’ are everywhere directing the way we should live: Or are they? My thought and blogg for the day.

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