“Granola Wars”

As our society ages, manufacturers that don’t make products suitable for the grey market, will miss out on a huge segment of elderly consumers.  It is especially frustrating when excellent products are wrapped up in impossible-to-open packaging because by then you have bought and paid for something you can’t get at, and you certainly won’t buy again!

Lots of older people have problems with dexterity so why not have easy-to-open pull tabs on packaging (and not ones that are too small to see!).  Equally, over 50% of the elderly have a degree of visual impairment.  Surely it can’t be too difficult to have larger printed information on the back.

I am going to keep banging on about packaging until it becomes easily openable and until the instructions on the back are in big enough print to read.  Back in September last year, I wrote my first blog on my struggles with Lizi Shaw’s breakfast cereal packaging (Find “Breakfast Exercise” by clicking on 6 September 2010  in the Archive).

So today, after my struggles with Lizi, I bought some Lovedean Granola, made by another lovely lady – Lucy O’Donnell, and her whole family.  Apparently she was inspired on holiday in the Alps to come home and make tons of Granola ???  If she had gone to Blackpool, I would probably be eating fish and chips for breakfast.

Anyway, the package was still fiddly to open and the Alpine story on the back still needed a magnifying glass.  The good news is the Granola was great.  I wonder where Lucy is going on holiday next and what will she come back with this time.

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2 Responses to “Granola Wars”

  1. Maureen o'Neill says:

    I like to put out my pills for the week. This takes quite a long time because I struggle to push the aspirin from its sealed unit. An arthritic thumb does not help. Others come away from their little cells quite easily. Putting out 8 piils – 56 in total takes quite a time. Yes, I have time, but I do not like the struggle. I loathe all heat sealed objects as I can never open them.
    However my late husband gave me a useful tip when eating breakfast etc. in a restaurant/cafe. NEVER open the little butter pats first. Open the silly little container s of Marmalade first. Once your fingers are greasy you will find it extremely difficult to pull the marmalade lids back!! He was right. I hope you like the warning on some butter pats. This contains milk!!!! What has happened to intelligence?

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