” Headlines and Inaction “

     It is a year to the day since I first started writing about the appalling treatment many older people receive in our hospitals.  See the earlier posts in the Tag Cloud under the title “Neglect Shames Britain “.    There could not be a more significant date to highlight the debt society owes to this older generation, yet, sadly they who gave us so much are being repaid in words not deeds.

        Since November last year there have been a string of drammatic headlines :-

                           ” A  AGE OLD PROBLEM “

                           “ NEGLECT  SHAMES  BRITAIN “

                          ” ELDERLY  PATIENT’S  DYING  OF  THIRST “

     These have been supported by properly researched reports,  undercover investigations and a host of relative complaints.  Then later, they have been confirmed by CQC visits.  There is an accompanying chorus of agreement from politicians , elderly organisations and celebrities.

Promises of new iniatives to  help solve the  problems abound :-   Independant Matrons Health Watch Organisations,  New Help Lines.  

            Meanwhile, one year on, nothing has changed.  Older people are still dying unnecessarily in hospitals and poor quality care is still the expectation and reality for many patients.

                       It is a good job the Second World War wasn’t fought this way !

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2 Responses to ” Headlines and Inaction “

  1. I trust our children think as you John! It can only be corrected at the ballot box. We the levels of immigation and the influx and dilution of the old anglo saxon/welsh/scottish and Irish working population, I suspect we have now to wait until the new ethnic population and ehthnic popoulation of europe grow old as British Citizens with voting rights will things change? (Another Generation or Two-45/50 years). As you say John what did our forebearers fight for in the 20Centuary?)

  2. It is time for a grumble from him, and another grumble from me!! We are given the media headlines in the press and on the television, of abuse of the elderly, vunerable and defenceless these days. To read see and hear the reports is distressing. Where is the government of the day going-(those men in grey suits who put up the bullets for the politions to fire?). David Cameron and Nick Clegg, not forgetting the ineffectual labour leader and party (David Milliband or is it Ed?), with the opposition. Where is the medicine as Dickens preached and wrote and often quoted ‘Mr Macorber’ you cannot spend more than what you have, or earn. What is the vision for the UKPLC in the next 10 years?
    We are in a time of recession and still the finance industry and the government (The Grey suits) and Europe are saying spend more??? What are the repercussion as we see more personal goverment, and state debt, and the resultant loss of jobs and employment opportunities as no one can afford to buy or even invest more, as the returns are meagre, and yet the cost of living is going through the roof.
    I am annoyed as at this stage of my life I am dependednt on a strong ‘state’ not a bullying one, and one with compassion for the vunerable, which I am as I cannot deflect the crisis, but all and sundry know my limitations and assetts, and with the rest of the pensioners I being taxed both financially and emotional for the funds I have. I feel like a leaper in my own country instead of a respected human being and worthwhile citezen.

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