“Grumble Post 3” –

This post is a continuation of the “grumbling” discussion on the postal service.  For earlier posts see Grumble Post 1 and 2 dated 6th and 13th November or click on the “GrumbleSmile Post” in the tag cloud.

Ironically, as I was typing this blog I was interrupted by a loud knock on the back door.  It was Geoff, our excellent family friendly, totally dependable, postman.  He could not deliver the Yellow Pages Directory through our small front door letterbox so he came around to the back door – he does that with parcels too !  🙂  He knocked loudly because he guessed I was likely to be still in bed – after all it is only 10 o’clock and I’m retired  !

He handed me the usual daily selection of bills, junk mail and the un-asked-for, never-changing,  shrinking -in -size,  soon -to -be -thrown -away  YELLow pages.

Geoff is the answer to the Royal Mail’s prayers, if only the management was listening.

Customer Service is in his bones, a smile and a “hello and good morning” are more than worth the cost of a postage stamp.

That’s how to turn a Grumble into a Smile ! 🙂

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3 Responses to “Grumble Post 3” –

  1. capital237 says:

    Excellent, good old postie. Amongst us here at planet Lovat, one is challenged by Postie and his cheerie smile, broad geordie accent, as he describes the joys of having being a Jahova from Tyneside, and when one asks if the pineapple fields in Sunderland are doing? He looks straight through you, and wonders if you need a mouthwash, or if one is doul alley tap! as one may say, and as one does. Off Course the finer points of ones birth are a mystery but whether one supports and plays for Newcastle United, Sunderland Town, or again plays for Yorkshire, even though born in Lanacashire, or nearer to this missionary kingdom, does one play or support the Saints or the Tigers, both men about town, does one knock at ones back door? Always in the west riding- The front door is for funerals and weddings only, and Aunt Maud if she is expected, or if postie knocks loudly, is it a friendly tap on the door because with the passing of time one cannot hear? I wonder?
    Back to Postie at Lovat, it is interesting to people watch and watch their individual responses to the friendly Postie’s greetings of : Does one enjoy peas pudding, here is your mail? Again some are slightly hard of hearing, some are gruff, as they have not had their intake of Morning coffee or breaky wheat, or most answer with a pleasing smile say Good morning postie, and realise like the morning sun it is good to be alive.
    The support staff perform the same task as missionaries, as bringers of good cheer, and comfort that one is not alone in this world of many, as they pass among us to complete their daily tasks.
    By the way are you a supporter of the Saints or Tigers, or that other team at Sixfields, or that one that cruches ‘walkers crisps’ in Leicester? shame on you, are you a missionary? or just a goor old fashioned round egg?
    Village life is proving to be intersting to say the least at Lovat, and like each dawn, something or somebody new in the village every day. As Mortimer Wheeler used to say ‘Is can be Animal, Vegatable, Mineral or even abstract?’ Like the world I am silently spinning where too I do not know, but knock hard I will respond, or smile gently and I will reply.
    What a load of cobblers? I have had my fill today, and not yet had my coffee or breaky wheat? God help you if you are reading this? But like a good missionary, I must spout on, and talk, it is all for free: Are You deaf yet with my rantings? It is good to talk like busby used to say?
    Can you hear me mother? ( from over the garden wall radio series.). Bye Bye Andie is saying Good Bye, Good bye.

    • john graham says:

      This is a long ramble away from “Postie” but I guess you are entitled to some lattitude given your contribution to this blog over the last twelve months. Besides you probably need the exercise 🙂
      Notts Forrest were the side I followed to two European Cup Successes ( didn’t see any geordies there ! )
      Leicester Tigers are the team I follow now although they are straining my patience at the moment.

      Meanwhile I will endeavour to turn my “post” grumbles into “post” smiles in the next few weeks .

  2. Capital 237 says:

    Dear Sir, I may babble on and ramble, but latitute, I ask you? Where is the conversation? I see it is NOtts Forest and the Tigers! Go and get your man you red meat eater. Bye the way are we cheating postie out of a cup of tea at your expense at your own back door? I wonder. Think of ‘Busby’ and BT It is good to talk. Even if it is Pole To Pole (Longtitudinally or linguistically).

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