“Lift your Spirits” 2

This post follows on from ” Lift your Spirits ” 1 posted on 8th November 2011 and explores some of the ideas further.

Let’s look first at the things people said made them happy and cost no money.  They should surely be the easiest things to do:-

“Waking up on a sunny day”

This is in the hands of God, unless we can afford to move to a sunnier climate or at least go on holiday .  In the meantime at least get your chair on the balcony,if you have one, or in the garden ready for every sunny-day opportunity that comes along.

“A cuddle”

Easy if you still have a partner or close family.  Most elderly people live on their own and contact with other people is limited to a brief conversation or a quick handshake at best.

I always found a hand held and a hug works wonders and always brings a smile to people’s faces.  In these politically correct days, it has become regarded as invading people’s personal space, but that is nonsense if used appropriately.

“A kind word”

The easiest thing of all to do.  Too often lost in the rush of the everyday but also in the “heads down” walk on bye way of avoiding personal contact.  We are losing our social skills as a society and elderly people in particular are left on the margins.

It is very noticeable in the village I live in that when you are out and about, most people that you pass say “good morning” and anybody you know stops for a chat.  In the village Post Office, everyone is very friendly and help is at hand if you can’t find anything.  Understandably, these things change when you move to the larger scale of a town or city, but for elderly people who live on their own, we need to construct a virtual village around them to avoid them becoming totally isolated.

A sunny day, a hug and a kind word is not much to ask for and could transform many older people’s lives for the better.


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2 Responses to “Lift your Spirits” 2

  1. capital 237 says:

    The computer, it does not talk it does not hug, it does no hand shake of any kind? But yet how powerful is the english language, and ones mind in interpretating sunny and happy, and very sincere thoughts! When one sits and reads the blogg or message as above I am encouraged to believe in people, human beings in general? Do we have a bad thought for everyone? I think not! We are a social animal, and like the association of others around us? We may not as individuals express our own personal feelings as a hug, but then a smile, a grin, a hello and a spritley eye we can communicate and that is the esscence of socialbility, so john Reach out, I enjoy your blogg and your words and with my own personal imagination, and mind I hope we are in this virtual village communicating? Are you in fact smiling, or scrathing your head? I wonder? and wait for your next blogg? Have we met, I feel our souls we touch each other? No you are not a god but a fellow human being!

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