“Seafood on the Menu” 2

One of my very first blogs was about research designed to encourage people in hospital to eat more SEAWEED…….. which didn’t seem like too good an idea at the time.  (See blog in the archive dated 1 May 2010).

Now nearly two years later and with the involvement of Micheline starred restauranteur, Heston Blumenthal, the results of the Reading University research are reported as “fantastic”.

There are suggestions that these appetising ingredients could be used to improve broths and stews throughout the NHS.  No doubt it’s just a matter of time before more exotic dishes like “Shark’s Fin Soup” get added to the menu.

Shark 2

The super chef has some other interesting ideas:-

  • “Change the lighting” – presumably so patients can see what they are eating
  • “Change the colour” – although no blood-red rare beef
  • “Put some smell into the room” – in most geriatric wards they seem to do that already
  • “Inject a bit of fun” – a rather unfortunate choice of verb

Can the Department of Health seriously be paying for this novel and nonsensical research?

Oh, and what other important thing:-

I wonder if anyone has pointed out to Heston that NO-ONE BOTHERS TO FEED THE ELDERLY IN THE NHS.

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2 Responses to “Seafood on the Menu” 2

  1. 237 Champion says:

    One obviously sits on a stool enjoying the food, in the dark, and without ones teeth? The glass eye is only to see the staff, who pass by in silence as I listen with my deaf aid? My wooden leg is only to help fire the furances, as I pass this way to hell? Good research reading John! I feel rejuvenated now! I only need my RPI pension to be able to buy you a postcard, and a stamp, and in the message tell you how much I am enjoying life???

  2. Jalia says:

    Extreamly helpful article, please write more.

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