“Is this Pain Management ?”

There are a great many elderly Americans who move to Florida to retire.  Private health care is big business over there.   Small clinics are springing up all over the place – for back pain, for arthritis, for rehabilitation and for cancer care to mention but a few.

Just as I am about to leave America, an item on the news grabs my attention.  Four doctors in Florida who run a pain management clinic are arrested.  They had to obtain a state licence to run the clinic and were turned down.  But in the ‘Land of the Free’, and of light regulation and private medical insurance, they opened up anyway.

The police suspicions were raised when they saw a flyer being issued to patients telling them not to claim for payment of their drugs on their medical insurance because it would alert the attention of the authorities.  Patients were required  only to pay cash for their pain management treatment.

Apparently the doctors had opened clinics in other areas and been subsequently closed down, so in true entreprenurial spirit, they moved on somewhere else in the State and opened up again.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that pain management can mean all sorts of things, but there is one way of guaranteeing there will be no further pain. A quick no-questions-asked lethal injection.

Is this what is meant by “end of life care”?

Only a few days ago I was writing about assisted suicide – click on the “Slippery Slope” in the TAG CLOUD


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1 Response to “Is this Pain Management ?”

  1. Capital 237 says:

    This article desrves no comment, just a quite contemplation, and a hard think of ‘What If It Where I?’
    Enjoy your holiday in America John. It would be most pleasant and enjoyable if you where able to rejoin us with tales of wonderment and amazement, of what ones Golden Years are forcast for our english speaking american cousins.

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