“Best Foot Forward”

I went for a short walk the other day and when I got back home, one of my feet was very sore.  The following day I could hardly walk at all.  Being a man I rested up all day on the sofa and had to be waited on hand and    foot.

Feeling a bit better the next day, we (the wife and I) ventured out in the car for a meeting we could not miss.   After only a few hours and a few steps, my left foot was feeling sore again.   So on the way back home we stopped off at a retail park and I hobbled into Boots.

You would think the foot care products would be nearer the door,  but oh no,  they are after the cosmetics,  after the nappies,  after the natural health care remedies  and after the acres and acres,  of shelves and shelves,  of boxes and boxes of pills,  and bottles and bottles of potions.   Then  f i n a l l y, near the check out, with a very, very, very sore foot by this time, are the foot care products.   Dozens of them – for toes,  toenails,  flat feet, bunions,  corns,  blisters,  skin exfoliation and   e v e n t u a l l y    HEELS.    I doubt that anybody ever reaches the far corner of a Boots store without having sore feet.   It must be a clever bit of contrived store design.

Having hopped past the entire range of Boots products, I am now down to the final twenty – it must be about time for an audience phone-in vote about which heel product to buy.

What to choose:-

? Advanced Footcare Intensive Foot SoftenerNo, surely I am not even passed the basic level and I must need harder feet not softer ones!

? Advanced Footcare Pressure Relief Insoles No, it’s my HEEL

? Footcare Diamond Dusted NailfileNo, wrong end of my foot.

? Flexitol Active Gel Heel Sleevesmaybe but why a sleeve on my FOOT ?

? Gel insolesNAH!

? Soft Feet KitDon’t think so, anyway out of stock

I finally settle for “Scholl Ortha-heel Gel Heel Pain Relievers” – No short names in foot care – and only £22.99.

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6 Responses to “Best Foot Forward”

  1. John T says:

    Put your boots on and your feet will thank you.

  2. Well I never. Nothing like a swift kick in the backside to see which or what way One is going, into BOOTS through the back door, side door, or maybe even the front door? You can have the job as a marketing or salesmanager for BOOTS. What a terrible story, my feet hurt from falling over with laughter.

    • john graham says:

      Thanks for the new job. My first act as Boots Sales Manager would be to take 90% of the products they sell out of the store. That way you only have ONE thing for each ailment.
      That makes choosing a lot easier and involves a lot less walking for people wih poorly feet 🙂

  3. Maureen o'Neill says:

    John, did you ever hear of a doctor? He would prescribe what is needed and it wouldn’t cost!! Are you sure you haven’t got gout?

    • john graham says:

      Yes. After I had been to Boots my foot was worse after all that walking. So I went to my G.P. He told me to stop walking so much 😦
      I will Google gout and let you know how bad I am.

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