“Google Gout” 2

This blog follows on from “BEST FOOT FORWARD 2” and my continuing search for a cure for my poorly foot.  Click on 10th June 2012 in the ARCHIVE or “poorly feet” in the TAG CLOUD.

Hi Vanessa

Thank you for taking the time to reply about my difficulty of trying to find a suitable product for my sore feet.  I’m very pleased to hear that your Store Operations Team will reconsider the position of the “foot care” aisle.

I also note your comment that you intend to offer “a variety of products under each category as what may work for one person, won’t necessarily work for another.”  Sadly in my case your words proved to be prophetic.  The Scholl Ortha-heel Gel Heel Pain Relievers haven’t worked.

A close friend has suggested that I may have gout.  Rather than spending more time walking around the aisles of your shop, I decided to visit the Boots website instead.  Generally the website seems most informative but on this occasion when I entered “gout” into the search box, it told me there were no products for gout but instead suggested “Potters Out Of Sorts”.  Surely this can’t be correct?  I can’t believe on all those shelves there are no products for gout.  Could you please advise me further?

Yours sincerely

John Graham

This is the reply I received from Boots:-

Hello John

Thank you for your email.

I can recommend these link on our website which has more information on Gout:



However we can not really recommend what treatment will best suit you and I would suggest either speaking to one of our Pharmacist’s and Healthcare assistants in store who are always more than happy to help or you may need to speak to your GP if this is a recurring problem.

Thanks again for contacting us. If I can help in any other way, please let me know. Your personal reference number is 9999799.

Kind Regards, Kelly May, Boots Customer Care.

This is my reply to Kelly:-

Hi Kelly

What happened to Vanessa?  I do hope she’s still with Boots and hasn’t become a victim of the Walgreens takeover.

Thanks for the links to the medical advice on your site about gout which I found most informative.  One of the drugs suggested as a possible treatment sounded promising until I read about the side effects of diarrhoea and vomiting.    Having read the information carefully I don’t, on balance, think it sounds like I have gout but I have taken one of the precautions suggested on your website and put a cardboard box on my foot.  It certainly helps at night but it’s not so convenient in the daytime.

Now that I’ve read all about gout and found it’s a form of arthritis, it could be that it is arthritis that I’ve got.  I’ve already got arthritis in my fingers and maybe it’s now spreading to my feet.  I should say though that I don’t have a problem with my big toe which suggests to me that my “poorly foot” is not gout.

Kind regards, John Graham           My Reference Number is 9999799

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1 Response to “Google Gout” 2

  1. Take up thy bed and walk dear man, I believe was once quoted? Does the American-BOOTS come from UTAH and have a religious flavour from the Mormon Church, or has the GOUT man felt dispondent with the care and love of his fellow man, and fallen on his sword? Or maybe a medical dictionary bought at A BOOTS STore? I wonder what comes next? are we going for community ailments, such as coughs colds, rashes and spots? Wake up to ‘Breakie Wheat’ and set yourself up for the day! It is a pleasant life when the sunshines? But heyho look for the inner man, he is made of steel and sterner stuff? Non of this mamby pandy complaints, unless it is a headache and the past memories of ultimate excitment, and that CONQUEST- What a memory. Boots cannot do much in that respect, unless off course the customer counter is full of dolly birds to brighten up the day, But then alas the mind may be empty noething but small talk!!! Heyho you cannot have everything?

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