“Grumpy Breakfast”

In my last blog on breakfast, I was lamenting the fact that my inability to find marmalade could make me grumpy first thing in the morning.  See “BREAKFAST TRADITIONS” by clicking on 24th June 2012 in the ARCHIVE.

Now lo and behold, a recent study has found that 6 out of 10 people in the UK regularly wake up in a bad mood.  The biggest cause of this is a bad night’s sleep – so it’s not just about marmalade then.  One in four of the people surveyed said they automatically woke up in a grumpy mood – they definitely should try eating marmalade for breakfast.   The researchers found that the grumpiness related to – queuing to get into the bathroom; having no milk for a hot drink and waking up in bad weather.  It seems they didn’t investigate marmalade as a significant factor which I think is an oversight on their part.

On the positive side they found that a third of us can lift our dark mood by taking a hot shower.  A further 21% of people said a colder, refreshing shower is more likely to do the trick.


What a pity it wasn’t undertaken by Premier Foods; then it might have dramatically increased the sales of Frank Cooper’s “Oxford” Marmalade.

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2 Responses to “Grumpy Breakfast”

  1. Well, Well, Well, what a load of bull? They sleep out in the open or in the midden on warm freashly cut straw, and wake up to NUTS and Molasses- Museli to you and I with syrup on top,
    Are they in a mood? only when the missess will not let them have their wicked ways, but alas at our age the gentle passing of time, has made me appriciate the better things in life: Like thick Cut Dundee Marmalade by Kielers. Am I missing something? I am not sure? someone is pressing hot/warm milk to my lips, and a hand full of pills to make me docile, Oh to be that Bull again, even if it is a fantasy of the mind? All things being equal a little grumble is free, a big grumble in the nether regions, Oh I forgot-It is past my knee- Too Late too late when the cry, next time I will make my mind up what my grumble is about! It is all Bull? But My BUll? Good reading.
    Am I grumpy? No just forgetful of what a few kind words can do?

  2. Maureen o'Neill says:

    Unlike you John I wake up full of life and energy and hope for the day – but there is a draw back to this. All the grumpy morning people (and I include my late husband in this) say things like “have you got to have that radio on?” “Can’t you shut up for a while?” “Have you got to do that NOW?” etc.. This rather deflates the happy waker for a few minutes. Yes I like being happy in the mornings.and even a bad nights sleep does not make me a grumpy waker. Strange though – I now wake up alone and happy but I miss the moans of the grumpy!!!

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