“A Health Ladder” First Step

The focus of institutional health care is ill-health.    Going to the doctor is not a trip in the park.    It is not a pleasant day out; because you don’t know what lies ahead.

Let’s turn all that on its head and take a step on the health ladder.    This is not “medical” advice, it is about well-being.    Your own well-being.    What makes you feel better?

  • Small steps
  • A breath of fresh air

This is rambling writing  🙂     go to the garden gate,  meet someone,  greet someone.

Because I am looking for the first step for me.    It will be different for you.

Let’s take stock.

How healthy am I ?    I can walk and I can talk.    I could do with losing weight and being a bit fitter.    My New Year’s Resolutions last year, the year before and several years before didn’t work.    So let’s make a gentler plan.

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 119

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2 Responses to “A Health Ladder” First Step

  1. Exercising ones tounge is good, taking in deep breaths of cold freash air at this time of the year is benificial, and looking at a pretty skirt is another! It is all in the mind? But do not worry, walking to the shop for the morning paper, or a stroll to the local cafe for a talk with the boys is another? As for liquid intake one has to be careful-The timed length of walk, the nearness of conveniences, all activates the mind. Being gentle and understanding with ones spouse as one is taken kicking and screaming on a shopping spree, is another mind controlling and very physical exercise? The main thing is to remain willing to undertake new initatives and novel ideas that do not bankcrupt the physical and spirital body or soul.

  2. andy says:

    great post

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