” An Epitaph for Mid-Stafford NHS “

A man of great detail and Queen’s Council precision,

A million coldly clinical words too late.

About 1200 elderly deaths too many.

290 belated recommendations of regret,

Put sticking plasters on a very ill NHS.

But is this a case for sticking plasters,

When the infection has already spread,

Through burdensome elderly no-care wards,

Or does this epidemic need more radical surgery ?

Precision is not a substitute for vision,

But when Francis was commissioned,

Did the Government want him to see,

The  awful and shameful bigger picture ?

Lack of money and courage,

Is what causes Political myopia.

By examining the patient through a microscope,

You do not see the whole person.

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1 Response to ” An Epitaph for Mid-Stafford NHS “

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I do not know from where we go from here? The concept of the NHS is admirable! The implementation of policies is Crap? and ill thought out! However we as a society can ill afford the NHS budget to runaway out of control, and without monitory restraints.
    I suspect we need more local responsibilty, and less local committes but one god fearing and compassioate person in charge to mastermind each regional authority with a dose of reality.
    It starts at the top with the Minister of Health.
    As a whole icome generated by UK PLC is proberably located in one geographical area? However we all in UK PLC contribute to a British Society and way of life, and health and compassion are common to us all, and should not be governed by enclaves of those that are able to fend for themselves, and ignore the rest of us in the UKPLC.

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