This is a continuation of the CAFE Happiness survey.    ( Other posts in this series can be found either by clicking on “CAFE Project” in the Tag Cloud or by clicking on  “GrumbleSmiles Trust” in the Topics list)

Bereaved RecentlyThe loss of friends is increasingly a factor in later life.  This is particularly true for the older group of older people.  Bereavement is something that fortunately many people have little experience of until they reach their older years.  It can be a particularly challenging time, especially if it involves the loss of a spouse.  60% of the group had experienced bereavement recently.

If ever there was a time that you needed friends around you, this is it and yet many people do not know how to deal with people who are bereaved.

FOOTNOTE:  There’s lots of help and advice available from organisations like Cruse.  A link to their website may be useful.

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