CAFE HEALTH survey — rating

This is a series of graphs which show the results of our second CAFE group meeting held in the Welcome Centre, adjacent to Coventry University Technology Park, on Friday 7th June 2013.   The focus of this survey was HEALTH and HAPPINESS as perceived by the  “expert” group of older people.   It is representative only of their views of themselves and doesn’t purport to be typical of other groups of older people in Coventry.

The commentary on the graphs is entirely my own personal reflections.  ( Other posts in this series can be found either by clicking on “CAFE Project” in the Tag Cloud or by clicking on  “GrumbleSmiles Trust” in the Topics list).

rate health

Overall this is a very positive rating of their health by this group of people.  Over 70% rated their health as very good and the remainder rated it moderately.  Obviously on one level this is not surprising because everyone had to have the ability and mobility to come out to the meeting.  But later graphs will qualify this view.

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