“Cheylesmore Good Neighbours”

Almost a year ago we carried out a survey of a group of about 50 elderly people in Coventry working with the Coventry University Age Research Centre.  The results of that group were published in this blog in the summer of 2013.  They can be found by clicking on “CAFE PROJECT” in the TAG CLOUD.

After the initial meetings, we tried to get a group off the ground focused on gardening.  A smaller group of people met at Coventry’s Belgrade Theatre and our discussions have been summarised in a post called “BELGRADE PROJECT” dated 5th July 2013.  Although we had some very interesting discussions, it was too big an initial jump to try and establish a project on a city wide basis.

Our next step was to focus on a single district of Coventry with some of the people who had attended all the Belgrade meetings – Frances Fielding, who lives in Cheylesmore and Alex & Yvonne Robinson, who have been running computer courses in Coventry.  We initially set up a small localised survey in Cheylesmore with around 30 older people from the area.  That has become a regular group who meet fortnightly in the Cheylesmore Baptist Church.  This thread in the blog will follow our experiences as the group develops.  They have adopted the name:-

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 138

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