“Would you want to know?”

Researchers in Italy believe they have found a simple blood test which can predict whether early moments of forgetfulness will turn into Alzheimer’s disease.  It is based on detecting levels of free copper in the blood.  The study found that people with high levels of free copper have a 50% chance of developing Alzheimer’s within four years.

This is all too late for the 800,000 dementia sufferers already living in Britain.

But could it help, hassle or horrify every other older person, who has a moment of forgetfulness:-

“Where did I put my car keys?”

“Which pocket did I leave my phone in?”

“What day is it today?”

“What did I go upstairs to get?”

Who hasn’t asked one of these questions from time to time?

The blood test won’t give you the answer but it may pose a lot more questions:-

“What is free copper?”

“Can I reduce it?”

“Can I avoid it altogether?”

“If I have a 50% probability of Alzheimer’s how do I prepare for the future?”:-

  • Blow all my money in the next four years?
  • Say goodbye to all my family and friends before I forget who they are?
  • Sell my house and move into residential care while I can still make my own decision?
  • Label everything in anticipation of the forgetful years to come?
  • Go off to Dignitas straight away or leave it for a while?

Or do none of the above, stop worrying and:-

  • Know that I will find my phone and car keys eventually.
  • If the day of the week is important, now I am retired, I can look at the top of the newspaper.
  • An whatever it was I went upstairs for, can’t be that important if I have forgotten it so quickly.

Oh, and there is at least 50% chance I have not got dementia!

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1 Response to “Would you want to know?”

  1. No then, now then! I brush my worried brow, and ask as you so rightly say: ‘What can I do?’ is anything of anything any good..
    Firstly my brain challenges the copper in the body! can I reduce it or increase it by eating the right stuff! I beleive for instance ‘Spinch Puts iron in the body, and did Popeye no harm, even proberbly putting lead into his pencil? so now what – No Pencil? well I must wear my copper bracelet for ‘????( The reason escapes me) what? Here my memory is slipping; Maybe one of you may know?
    All I know if i have too much copper I may develope ‘Verigree’ and have a complextion like the ‘Green man or a martian. .
    My world is getting better I go to my maker as a martian incarnate ready for the next world. Wonderful people thses Italian Researchers, and their green cheese(Dolcilote): What is it a version of a mild but soft stilton-Here my memorory goes again! The researchers are right i cannot recall all the facts of a lifetime, even my own life? So here for you is a conundrum what can the human brain remember/store etc, such as a modern computer, are we when we take the alzhimiers test by the quack to be refered to a a BYTE not of course the ladies who may interprate the meaning as an enuendo for BIT Or Bird a bit flighty and again terribly forgettful. Happy Reading.

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